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Ice Cube Sochi : Russian Curling Centre

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5 Feb 2014 + 23 Jul 2013

‘Ice Cube’ Curling Centre in the Olympic park of Sochi, Russia

Capacity: 3,000
Construction cost: $14 m
Events: Curling

Ice Cube Sochi: The construction of an Olympic sports facility in Sochi – The Ice Cube Curling Centre:
Ice Cube Curling Centre Sochi Russia
photo by SC Olympstroy, all rights reserved

Ice Cube Curling Centre Sochi

The construction of winter sports facilities is always a significant challenge for building engineers as there are so many intricacies to consider, such as the need for multilevel ventilation. Much depends on how well services such as mechanical ventilation and air conditioning are performing, in terms of both the comfort and well-being of athletes and fans – and the condition of the ice and of the building itself. In the event of the failure of any systems, moisture in the form of condensed water vapor can settle within the building structures and the utilities, thereby potentially shortening the life of a facility and making conditions unpleasant – or even unsafe – for occupants, especially if it affects the ice rink. Such complex structures demand high quality materials with proven performance and reliability.

The Ice Cube Curling Centre is one of the key sports facilities within the Olympic park. Taking inspiration from the shape of a curling stone, the designers specified hi-tech materials in different tones varying from gray to silver to decorate the curving structure. The building has been clad with ‘sandwich’ panels applied as element-by-element assembly, the key elements of which include base structure, insulation, membrane and exterior cladding.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of ventilation and to reduce air conditioning costs a total of 12,000 square metres of DuPont™ Tyvek® advanced breather membranes have been applied to the walls and roof of the building. DuPont™ Tyvek® membranes have unique properties offering protection against weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. In addition, moisture vapour diffuses freely through the natural pores in the membrane structure, optimising interior climate, while the airtight membranes work as part of a holistic solution for improved thermal performance and energy-efficiency.

The lower level of the stadium façade is constructed from insulated glass units with a mirror-like finish to echo the reflectivity of the ice within. To the interior, the ice curling field is made up of 4 tracks, surrounded by facilities for the athletes and their support teams, plus referees and press, with stadium seating above. The second tier of the arena features facilities for officials, families and VIPs.

The first trial competitions in the arena took place in February 2013. The ice rink hosted the Wheelchair Curling World Cup followed by the Junior Curling World Cup in March. Competitors, officials and spectators alike were full of praise for the quality of the rink and the arena as a whole.

Construction of an Olympic sports facility in Sochi – Ice Cube Curling Centre:
Ice Cube Curling Centre Sochi Russia Ice Cube Curling Centre Sochi Russia
photos by SC Olympstroy, all rights reserved

About DuPont™ Tyvek® ( – Invented by DuPont research and development laboratories in the late ‘60s as a premium material for personal protection and packaging, DuPont™ Tyvek® is manufactured using a unique, proprietary technology, and has, over time been discovered and developed as ideally suited to a variety of further applications and markets. Around 1990, it was first adopted as a breather and water proof membrane for roofs and walls for building construction in certain countries in Europe.

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