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Lima Buildings : Architecture in Peru

New Chapel + Crematorium in Lima, Peru, South America design by Metropolis Architects

12 Jan 2007

Peruvian Building

Design: Metropolis Architects

Title: Tanatorio Chapel & Crematory Jardines De La Paz
Location: Villa El Salvador – Lima – Peru
Architect: Jose Orrego

Entrance to the complex:
Tanatorio Chapel, Peru entrance Lima architecture

Tanatorio Chapel + Crematory Jardines de la Paz, Lima

Lima Architecture: the project is located in the peripheral area of Lima, in Peru. Close to the ocean and to a highway, it was planned to be on the higher portion of the land in order to become the focal point to the public view.

Monument that refers to a cross and calls attention to the complex:
Tanatorio Chapel monument Peru

The Chapel building:
Peru Architecture

Exterior environment:
Lima Chapel

The complex is composed of a chapel, a crematory, some spaces for vigil, coffee shop, administrative spaces and public restrooms.

Monument detail:
Metropolis Architects

Interior of Chapel – geometrical wholes allowing lots of natural light:
Peruvian Chapel

Irregular holes in the concrete soffit:
Tanatorio Chapel

The buildings are situated around a circular plaza that gives place to the different situations during the ceremonial happenings. An abstract monument that refers to a cross was placed in the center of the plaza to call attention and announce the complex. The plaza also establishes the organization of the support buildings adjacent to the principal one: the chapel.

Lighted details by night:
New Chapel + Crematorium in Lima by Metropolis Architects

Interior of Tanatorio Chapel:
Tanatorio Chapel Lima

Exterior of Tanatorio Chapel:
South America design by Metropolis Architects

The chapel has capacity to two hundred people and was planned using a clean design with lots of wholes in geometrical shapes, which allow the natural light to get in, creating a unique atmosphere to the religious place. Designed basically from straight lines, the altar is the center of interest inside the building.

Building Details:
Tanatorio Chapel Peru building design by Metropolis Architects Peru religious building design by Metropolis Architects

The Crematorium holds two different functions: one mystic, regarding the cult to death; the other practical and real, concerned about taking care of the corpses, from the burn process up to the last homage. This dual functionality is also showed off by the design of the building. Ascending lines with artistic compositions in the ceremonial spaces are positioned close together to the rational, austere and ascetic place where the furnaces are located.

Support Buildings:
Tanatorio Chapel

Exterior – geometrical shapes:
Chapel Villa El Salvador

Construction details – basic forms:
Villa El Salvador Chapel

The design was based on basic shapes, simple lines and white color, attributing to the complex a “not bounded in time status” against the realistic urban scene that surrounds it.

Images: Metropolis – Architects, Lima, Peru

Name of photographer / image creator: ARCHITECT JOSE ORREGO

Tanatorio Chapel Peru Tanatorio Chapel Villa El Salvador Tanatorio Chapel Lima
Elevations, Plan, Sections

Tanatorio Chapel, Villa El Salvador, Lima images / information from Metropolis Architects 120107

Location: Lima, Peru, South America

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