Tour Trinity La Défense Paris Building, French Tower Design, Puteaux Commercial Architecture Photos

Tour Trinity La Défense in Paris

10 Apr + 19 Mar 2021

Design: Cro&Co Architecture – Jean-Luc Crochon

Location: 1bis place de la Défense – 92800 Puteaux, Paris, France

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris building

Photos by Luc Boegly unless noted otherwise

Tour Trinity La Défense

Architecture studio Cro&Co Architecture delivers the Trinity Tower

The 150-meter Tour Trinity enjoys an exceptional location in the business district of La Défense, in Paris, on a site that had to be invented. In order to ensure its successful insertion in this particularly dense built environment, surrounded by architectural icons (CNIT, Tour Areva, Tour Total), Trinity stands above the traffic routes.

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris public realm
photo © Laurent Zylberman

Located in Paris La Défense, Trinity is a 32-story tower, built ex nihilo on a concrete slab poured above a seven-lane roadway, a first in France. A major feat of civil engineering, the slab is planted, providing 3,500 square meters of landscaped public space and linking the previously disconnected neighborhoods of the CNIT (National Center of Industries and Techniques) and Coupole-Regnault: a concrete solution for enhancing the quality of life of its users on an urban scale.

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris Building

Trinity is La Défense’s first tower to develop an offset core, yielding a “heart of life” with exterior glass-walled elevators running along the façade. Diverging from the traditional office building format, Trinity is a tower conceived to facilitate open interaction with its environment, and promotes a new way of working, through its shared spaces, its 43 planted terraces and balconies, its rooftop and its 4,000 m² devoted to services.

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris building Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris building

In an environment as dense and constrained as that of La Défense district, which houses 16 of France’s 20 tallest buildings but where very little area is still available for new construction, the first challenge was to invent the landholding on which the tower would be built. The solution was a feat of civil engineering: a concrete slab poured over seven traffic lanes, providing an ex nihilo land for the construction of a high-rise building.

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris building

Then, the project had to be integrated into the existing heterogeneous surroundings, counting a number of architectural icons (the CNIT and the Tour Areva), and smaller buildings such as Notre-Dame de la Pentecôte Church and residential buildings.

Tour Trinity La Défense Paris building

Particular attention was paid to the design of the furniture, created by the architect and manufactured by a French boat-hull builder. Three custom-made, 43-meter-long curved and sculpted aluminum furniture pieces structure the hall, providing sitting areas, reception desks, a bar desk, and more.

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris building

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris building plan

Imagined as a place of exchange, Trinity breaks with the conventions of the office tower and its standardized and monofunctional spaces by privileging serendipity, flexibility and pooling. It enables users to take full advantage of the tower’s spaces thanks to their reversibility and wide range of uses.

Paris tower building

Inside the tower there are 45,000 m² of flexible work areas, 4,000 m² of services including reception, waiting areas, cafés and bars, and 1,500 m² of terraces and loggias accommodating nearly 4,500 employees.

Paris building by Cro&Co Architecture - Jean-Luc Crochon

Address: 1bis place de la Défense – 92800 Puteaux
Program: Offices, retail, urban connections
Client: SCI Trinity Défense (Unibail Rodamco Westfield)
Delegated contractor : Espace Expansion

Architects: Cro&Co Architecture – Jean-Luc Crochon
Project leaders: Francesca Benente, Federica Bestonso, Daniel Durassier, David Lefrant, Benjamin Liatoud
Design: Catering area: Saguez & Partners ; Common areas, lobby and lobby furniture: Cro&Co Architecture
Landscape architects: Bureau Bas Smets, Phytoconseil
Project management: Artelia BI

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris building design
photo © Laurent Zylberman

Structural Engineers: Setec tpi ; M&E Engineer: Barbanel ; Quantity surveying: AE75 ; Acoustics: Tisseyre & Associés ; Lighting: Les ateliers de l’éclairage ; Sustainability: ALTO Ingénierie ; Façades: Arcora ; Elevators: ARUP ; Restaurant concept development: Restauration Conseil ; External Works: Progexial ; Security and alarm systems: CSD & Associés ; Building control office: Socotec ; H&S coordinator: Bureau Veritas ; Surveyor: Cabinet P. Fauchère et M. Le Floch ; Signage: Gérard Plénacoste ; Artist: Carlos Cruz-Diez, «Physichromie Trinity» Paris, 2017 (6 meter high artwork, specially made for the lobby of the Trinity tower)

Tour Trinity La Défense Paris roof terrace
photo © Laurent Zylberman

Surface: 49,400 m²
Delivery: November 2020
General contractor: Bateg (Vinci Construction France)

Photo credits: © Luc Boegly © Laurent Zylberman

The architectural agency Cro&Co Architecture is structured around Jean-Luc Crochon, the founding architect, and a passionate and creative team composed of twenty talents. Cro&Co has been developing ambitious projects of various types for 20 years, carried out for renowned Owners.

Based on the values of openness and exchange, Cro&Co approaches each new challenge by listening, combining multidisciplinary work with study of uses and research of detail.
To reach further horizons, Cro&Co Architecture has developed CroMe Studio dedicated to projects in new territories, co-founded and led by Nayla Mecattaf : previously associate at Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

Still based on the values of openness and exchange, CroMe shares ideas and skills with different cultures.

Tour Trinity La Défense, Paris building

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Location: 49 Rue Pierre Charron, Paris, France, western Europe

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