AME-LOT Housing in Paris, Parisian Apartment Building Facade, French timber elevation images

AME-LOT Housing in Paris

Residential Architecture Development in Paris, France, design by Stephane Malka

31 Oct 2019

Architect: Stephane Malka

Location: Paris, France

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

Photos by Laurent Clément / Tristan Spella / MALKA ARCHITECTURE

AME-LOT Student Housing

In reality, ecological strategies often generate an over-production of materials, becoming energy-vores and clients of factories, the polluters of the world.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

The real ecological combat is within the reappropriation of materials and experimentations with ready-made objects, far from the so-called benevolence of subsidized agencies. The AME-LOT Student Housing on rue Amelot is a project that inserts itself into an urban interstice: the thickness of a blind wall.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

It’s within the thickness of these walls that this thin building is constructed. The urban form is a strict extension of the blind walls, which houses using the existing.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

No building is destroyed, and no pollution generated. The skin consists of an existing module: the wooden pallet.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

Held using horizontal hinges, the pallets contract towards the top, allowing privacy or large openings.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

The modularity of the various palettes creates varied geometries, which are based on use and constantly regenerated.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

The reappropriation of materials recycles the existing without additional processing, which would cost energy in terms of production and create byproduct pollution.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

The real environmental approach consists not in destruction, but in superimposing interventions upon our built heritage.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

It consists of a new land strategy, unreferenced on a parcel, constructed in a de facto “ecology” of means.

Ame-Lot Housing Paris Ame-Lot Housing Paris

AME-LOT Housing, Paris – Building Information

Design: Stephane Malka

Type: Logement
State: Etude
Year: 2011
Client: Privé

Area: 450m²
Budget: 290 000€
Team: Alice Barrois Architecte, Tristan Spella Infographiste
Delivery: Résidence Etudiante

Ame-Lot Housing Paris

Photo credit: Laurent Clément / Tristan Spella / MALKA ARCHITECTURE 2011

AME-LOT Housing in Paris Residential building images / information received 221019 from Stephane Malka

Location: Paris, north France, western Europe

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