Juvet Landscape Hotel, Gudbrandsjuvet

Juvet Landscape Hotel Building, Norway Accommodation Photos, Rural Architecture Design Images

Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway : Gudbrandsjuvet Building

Contemporary Norwegian Accommodation Development design by JSA, Norway

16 Jan 2009

Juvet Landscape Hotel Gudbrandsjuvet

Location: Norway

Dates built: 2008/09

Architects: JSA

Juvet Landscape Hotel - Gudbrandsjuvet Building, Norway

Images: Jensen & Skodvin Architects

The Hotel: ‘a room in the forest’

This delightful Norwegian country accommodation is described by the organisation as, “On a sheer river bank, amongst birch, aspen, pine and Nature-sculpted boulders, lies Juvet, Europe’s first landscape hotel.

Juvet Landscape Hotel Landscape Hotel

At first glance, the seven detached guest rooms seem modest and unassuming. But when you open the door and go in, it’s as if Nature rushes in to greet you through the massive panoramic windows. You can almost feel the trees brushing against you, and the snow-white drops of spray from the river Valldøla on your face.”

Gudbrandsjuvet Hotel Landscape Hotel Gudbrandsjuvet Hotel Gudbrandsjuvet

The Spa:

The hotel spa is described by the organisation in this way, “According to legend, those who drink the water from Olavskjelda (St. Olav’s Spring) will remain healthy and young forever. Thus when enjoying our spa, you are practically bathing in holy water. But best of all, are the benefits derived from the magical properties of pristine, revitalising and health-giving mountain waters.”

The Farm:

The Farm Burtigarden is described by the organisation like this, “Burtigarden at Alstad is one of the biggest, oldest farms in the area of inner Sunnmøre. The restored farm buildings form an historic frame around the modern cubes. Preserving the traditional farm milieu and cultivated landscape has been vital to us, while we make way for the new with due care and consideration.”

Juvet Landscape Hotel Gudbrandsjuvet images / information from JSA

JSA – Norwegian architecture studio

Contact Information for this rural Norwegian accommodation:

Address: Alstad, 6210 Valldal, Norway
Phone: +47 950 32 010

Location: Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway, northern Europe

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