Trondheim Hotel, Brattøra Harbour, Congress Center Norway, Norwegian Architecture Design

Trondheim Hotel, Norway : Brattøra Building

Crown Hotel & Aquarium Development design by Julien De Smedt architects

19 Jan 2008

Trondheim Hotel and Congress Center

Design: Julien De Smedt Architects

Crown Hotel Brattøra

How do we create a hotel whose best views are blocked?

With The First King Hotel and Congress Center, a project in Trondheim’s Brattøra Harbour District, we managed to avoid contextual yokes with the adjacent buildings and planning restrictions, and enjoy both the views to the beautiful Trondheim Fjord as well as take the sunlight and the scenic city.

Crown Hotel Brattøra Harbour Trondheim building
image Courtesy architecture office

Trondheim Hotel Building

The site has been extruded to fit the programmatic purposes and then lifted at the corners, creating triangular pyramid shapes orienting verdant terraces and hotel views at different directions out to the Fjord and the surrounding city.

The congress center is cut down in the ground in a landscape plane forum with multipurpose and flexible capabilities accommodating large groups and gatherings.

Hovering above, a vibrant indoor/outdoor social space is created at the crux of the connection between private hotel rooms and the public levels of the reception program.

A white band holds everything together, from the peaks to the solid ground, shown as a pierced facetted sharp cut wave surrounding the building.

Suspended from the entity across the boardwalk, lies a small aquarium. The aquarium cuts the corner of the harbour pool, drawing a diagonal line from the hotel and congress center to the front pier. The structure is laid as waving pathways, blurring the zone between the pure public space and a visit to the aquarium, making it a natural extension to the existing and future public planning of Brattøra.

Trondheim Hotel – Building Information

Project: The Crown Hotel & Aquarium
Location: Brattøra, Norway
Size: 40,000 M2
Type: Competition

Status: Submitted
Client: Realinvest As
Collaborators: BDA, Brandsberg-dahls Arkitektvkontor As (Stavanger)

Trondheim Hotel – Project Team

Julien De Smedt, Mikkel H. Sørensen, Andy Vann, Barbara Costa
Benny Jepsen, Felix Luong, Martin Berg, Michaela Weisskirchner, Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen

Trondheim Hotel Norway building Information from Julien De Smedt Architects 190108

Trondheim Hotel building design : Julien De Smedt Architects

Location: Brattøra, Trondheim, northwest Norway, northern Europe

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