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ZIL-South Moscow masterplan design

3 December 2021

KCAP delivers masterplan for ZIL-South in Moscow

Architecture: KCAP

Location: by the Moskva River, Moscow, Russia

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan design by KCAP

Renderings © KCAP

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan design by KCAP

Rotterdam, December 2nd, 2021 – KCAP has completed the masterplan for ZIL-South in Moscow, Russia. ZIL-South, the site of the former ZIL car factory, is with more than 100 ha the largest brownfield area in Moscow and will be transformed into a varied urban district along the Moskva River. The masterplan for ZIL-South was commissioned by Russian developer Etalon Group. Within the legal plan (PPT document) developed by Moscow Genplan, three key ambitions for ZIL-South are combined: ZIL 15-minutes, ZIL Mosaic and ZIL Public Wealth.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan design by KCAP

ZIL-South will become Russia’s first district formed on the ‘15-minute city’ principle in which the main commercial, business, and public spaces are within 15 minutes walk of any point. Two large pedestrian arteries – ZIL-Park and the pedestrian esplanade – and a network of routes create an intuitively intelligible and highly comfortable environment for walking. ZIL-South is a mostly car-free quarter focused on sustainable mobility with particular regard to pedestrians. The neighbourhood’s transport system is based on the idea of multimodality, where all users have comfortable access to safe transportation and their quarter within the masterplan.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan design by KCAP

The second ambition is to propose a ZIL Mosaic in which a variety of spatial and atmospheric environments will offer many distinct areas of choice. ZIL Mosaic offers four different characters. The River Quarters are open and connected to the riverfront. They feature mid-rise, terraced buildings overlooking the water and high-rise dominants behind them.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan layout

In the Urban Gardens, the mid-rise buildings’ perimeter forms a unique internal world, with vibrant urban villas. Here you find the human scale, a calm atmosphere, and maximum green space. The third character is formed by the Park Quarters and features a permeable structure of various types of residential buildings. The Business Quarters are closest to the metro stations, transport links, and the future business zone, offering a functional, active environment, with traditionally closed and semi-closed quarters with high-rise accents and stringent landscape design. Various iconic buildings and architectural landmarks on strategic spots will enhance a legible urban structure.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan design by KCAP

The third ambition is to maximise the creation of ZIL Public Wealth. A comprehensive framework of high-quality and well-thought public spaces that count for 40 ha, including streets, squares and parks, will allow interconnectivity and placemaking. ZIL Public Wealth is not only about public space networks but aims at social facilities that become part of one overarching total. In the new ZIL neighbourhood, the territory’s landscape is well integrated with the new architecture, and there is an intense presence of greenery and effective use of ecological materials.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan by KCAP, Etalon Group

The area’s pre-industrial past – three rings consisting of a relic grove, an open field with a series of ponds, and a river with maximally natural banks – has inspired the public spaces and landscaping strategy. KCAP has combined the historical essence of the location with the progressive 21st-century city embedded in nature and where public spaces’ structure predominates. The landscape and ecology strategy for ZIL-South is a future-proof landscape framework. It distinguishes a series of complementary public areas of various scales – parks, squares, streets and gardens.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan design by KCAP

The masterplan for ZIL-South by KCAP will have a follow up by a new type of document for Russian development projects. Etalon Group decided to deepen the ideas of KCAP by creating the ‘ZIL-South unified strategy for comfortable environment’ document. This details the masterplan chapters for further development, and shows involved architects, city authorities and future residents how the new district will be implemented.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan by KCAP, Etalon Group

This work is curated by Moscow based company Citymakers. Previously, Etalon group initiated media platform Generation ZIL (generation-zil.com) which enabled participatory design as part of the project at an early stage. Generation ZIL is the first education and media platform in Russia for the open publication of all stages of a development project.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan for Etalon Group

ZIL-South masterplan will be implemented over 15 years and in 9 phases. The first phase, designed by the Russian architectural firm Buromoscow, is currently under construction.

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan by KCAP – Building Information

Client: Etalon Group
Urban designer: KCAP
Program: 113 ha brownfield transformation of a former car factory site into a high-density urban area with 1,5 Million m2 of mixed-use program
Time: 2020-2021
Participating parties: Citymakers, Buromoscow

Visuals © KCAP

ZIL-South Moscow masterplan design Russia

KCAP, The Netherlands

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ZIL-South Moscow masterplan information / images received 021221 from KCAP

Location: Moscow, Russia

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