Skene Place, North Fitzroy Building, Melbourne Property, New Home Design Photos

Skene Place Melbourne : North Fitzroy Architecture

Residential Development Victoria design by Andrew Maynard Architects, Australia

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Skene Place, North Fitzroy, Melbourne property
photograph : Kevin Hui

Skene Place

Location: North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

Design: Andrew Maynard Architects

Skene Place North Fitzroy Skene Place North Fitzroy
photos : Kevin Hui

The Skene House is a warehouse fitout in North Fitzroy. The key to designing within a warehouse is to avoid carving the beautiful large spaces into small cells. No walls were introduced, instead spaces are defined between cabinetry and joinery items. None of these new items go all the way to the ceiling which makes even the smallest spaces feel like part of the larger warehouse volume.

Skene Place North Fitzroy Skene Place North Fitzroy Skene Place North Fitzroy Skene Place North Fitzroy
photos : Kevin Hui

The upper level features our micro-bathroom which is under 3 square metres. It is the only bathroom on the upper level and it is stealthily concealed within the kitchen joinery. The owner delights in challenging visitors to find the hidden bathroom, especially when they are in urgent need of using it

North Fitzroy Residence North Fitzroy House North Fitzroy Home North Fitzroy Residence
photos : Kevin Hui

Skene Place images / information from Andrew Maynard Architects

Andrew Maynard Architects
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Location: North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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