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Émergence Lafayette Lyon Buildings Design

5 May 2022

Design: SUD Architectes, ITAR Architectures and Wilmotte & Associés

Location: Part-Dieu district, Lyon, southern France

A demonstration block of urban diversity

Photos below © Gaela Blandy

Émergence Lafayette Lyon Buildings

Émergence Lafayette Lyon 3e

The Emergence Lafayette program is an operation driven by the Ogic as part of the regeneration and development project of the Part-Dieu district in Lyon by the AUC.

This operation includes 138 housing units, 8,600 m² of offices, a young workers residence, a diocesan worship center, coworking spaces and shops. The project was carried out by SUD Architectes, ITAR Architectures and Wilmotte & Associés.

Émergence Lafayette Lyon Buildings Émergence Lafayette Lyon Buildings

A collective story conducted by OGIC

In 2015, Ogic was selected to build a multi-purpose block on land belonging to Lyon Metropole and the national railway company, SNCF. A competition was launched and ITAR and SUD were selected. They were associated with Wilmotte & Associés Architectes, chosen by Dentressangle for the construction of the “Part Dieu Central” office building.

The design team for the operation was composed of 3 teams of architects, 1 landscape designer, 6 engineering consulting firms, 1 CSPS and 1 inspections office working closely with the SPL Lyon Part-Dieu and its urban planner, AUC. The Émergence Lafayette project was first and foremost a group experience and a shared project.

Émergence Lafayette Lyon Buildings Émergence Lafayette Lyon Buildings

The three teams of architects submitted a single building permit and worked together to successfully achieve the project. Initiated upstream by the Local Public Urban Authority – AUC – architects – clients workshops, the collective story continued throughout the design, construction and appropriation phases with a shared BIM model, common production times and shared locations.

The site is a trapezium about 70 m long and 45 m wide, located in the north-east of the Part-Dieu district, at the corner of rue de la Villette and cours Lafayette.

Photos below © Luc Boegly

Émergence Lafayette Lyon building France


Social diversity and mixed uses were the goal of this ambitious program. The challenge was to attract inhabitants back into the heart of Part-Dieu district through a mixed-use program of offices, housing, shops and services, as well as a chapel.

Émergence Lafayette Lyon building France

Several categories of buyers (first-time buyers, main residence purchasers, investors) for affordable housing offers the possibility of a diverse population of occupants. The social residence (supported by Entreprendre pour Humaniser la Dépendance) is designed to meet the needs of several profiles: single-parent families, young people coming from child welfare services, students depending on scholarships or young people experiencing economic hardship.

Émergence Lafayette Lyon building France

On the grounf floor of the young workers residence, a coworking space has been created to bring together users around work and thereby create a genuine place for professional interactions. It creates the link between the young members of the workforce to facilitate their integration via the professional path.

Émergence Lafayette Lyon building France

A common project conceived to tie

The program creates a multifunctional living space, attractive both day and night, where one can live in one of the 138 apartments, work in the office building, live and enjoy the shops and services, and gather in the diocesan center or the chapel. The alleyway, accessible to all during the day, is the operation’s foundation. It connects the city to the block by giving access to the offices, the chapel and the housing units. It creates a peaceful pedestrian passage between Cours Lafayette and Rue de la Villette.

New French Architecture Design

The materials employed create unity and dialogue between the buildings. The uniformity of shades and materials is achieved with a stone-colored concrete for the housing volumes and the layout of the three programs’ base. It is enhenced by the shared implementation of stone gray aluminum joinery. Within the cityblock the office building is easily recognizable thanks to its staggered structure and its two superimposed blocks.

Émergence Lafayette Lyon apartment

Émergence Lafayette Lyon 3e – Building Information

Location: Lyon 3e, France

Clients: OGIC, Dentressangle

Architects: SUD Architectes, ITAR Architectures

Program: 91 units of affordable housing, 47 units of social housing in the young workers residence, shops, religious center, 182 parking places on two floors

Technical team: Marco Rossi Paysagiste, Iliade, Arcadis, Socotec, Synacoustique, L. E. A., Arcora, Enexco, Equaterre, AIA Management

Companies: Rougeot, Perrier TP, Eiffage, Etantec, Amalgame, Simonetti, MCI Rocha, Doitrand, CNE, Gérard Plomberie, Medt, Parquet sol, Dani carrelage, Rolando Poisson, Lenoir, Kone, Nature

Émergence Lafayette Lyon apartment interior

Surface Areas:
5 500 m2: SP affordable housing
2 500 m2: SP young workers residence
1 277 m2: SU shops
750 m2: SP religious center

Émergence Lafayette Lyon building design Émergence Lafayette Lyon building development

Site delivery: January 2022

Cost: €19,000,000 excl. VAT

Photographs © Sergio Grazia

Environmental performance: H&E profil A – BBC

Émergence Lafayette Lyon Buildings images / information received 050522 from SUD Architectes, ITAR Architectures and Wilmotte & Associés

Location: Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France, western Europe

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