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Interactive Platform KIWI in Vilnius

18 Oct 2021

Design: PUPA – Public Urbanism Personal Architecture

Location: Vilnius

Interactive Platform KIWI Vilnius

Photos by Norbert Tukaj

Interactive Platform KIWI

KIWI is a platform that allows local communities to control their street traffic in a democratic way with real time implementation. PUPA’s mission is to empower local residents and businesses to democratically decide what kind of street they want to live in, and how much traffic they want to allow through. KIWI gives streets back to the local communities, so that they can be used not only for transport, but as open space for daily life or special occasions. By humanizing the street environment, KIWI also helps to reduce noise and air pollution, and encourages the communities to start creating their own vibrant cities of the future.

Interactive Platform KIWI Vilnius

In the summer of 2021, KIWI platform was tested in Paupio Street in Užupis, Vilnius.
The project started in December of 2020, when the Užupis community expressed initiative and willingness to make their own decisions about their environment. After a series of discussions and community workshops, the Paupio Street, a public space important to the community and pedestrians, was chosen for implementation of this project. The community was invited to register on the website, where they could discuss the traffic changes, suggest ideas and vote for or against those ideas. The colorful interactive street sign enabled real time implementation of the decisions made.

Interactive Platform KIWI Vilnius

During the 2 month testing period of KIWI the traffic in Paupio Street was reduced by over 60%, which also helped to drastically reduce noise and air pollution. KIWI contributed to strengthening Užupis community, and allowed the residents to use the car-free Paupio Street more confidently and freely. The residents shared positive comments about the street becoming calmer and quieter as the car traffic lowered, and being able to leave their windows open during the night.

Similar examples of urban governance that enable people to make decisions are emerging in the international context. For example, the Decidim platform was started in Barcelona, and is now used in Helsinki and Mexico as well. Car traffic restrictions in central areas of cities, such as Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London, are also not uncommon, and create positive changes to the urban environment.

Interactive Platform KIWI Vilnius

KIWI was developed by ‘PUPA – Public Urbanism Personal Architecture’ with the help of a multidisciplinary team consisting of urban designers, transport engineers, economists, IT and startup developers, and with the support of Science, Innovation and Technology Agency (MITA) as well as Vilnius Municipality.

Interactive Platform KIWI in Vilnius – Building Information

Client: Vilnius City Municipality; Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology
Office Name: PUPA – Public Urbanism Personal Architecture

Contact email:
Architects: Tadas Jonaskis, Justina Muliuolytė, Audinga Andruškeviciūtė, Rūta Vitkutė
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Address: Paupio Street in Užupis, Vilnius
Status: Complete (in 2021)
Project start date: 2019

Collaborators – Website programming: Su Ideja,
Collaborators – Infrastructure (technology & construction): City Pro,
Collaborators – Branding: Enemy,
Collaborators – Transport consultant: Traficus,
Collaborators – IT consultant: Vytas Taujanskas

Interactive Platform KIWI Vilnius

Photo Credits: Norbert Tukaj
Photographer’s e-mail:

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Location: Vilnius, Lithuania, Baltic Region, Northeastern Europe

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