Paeco House, Castel Di Lama Building, Italy Residence, Italian Residential Architecture

Paeco House : Residence in East Italy

Italian Residential Property design by Studio Emanuele Scaramucci

16 Apr 2012

Contemporary House in Castel Di Lama

Design: Studio Emanuele Scaramucci

Location: Castel Di Lama, eastern Italy (north of Pescara)

Paeco House in Castel Di Lama Italy
photo : Gabriele Viviani

Casa Paeco

The building evokes some of the characteristics elements of the Marche architecture, especially through the use of materials such as brick, typical of rural constructions. Two large and full shapes, white, clear, mediterranean, are resting on an “empty built” (the glass base) placed in the middle of a hortus conclusus (element dear to the Ascoli’s tradition).

Paeco House in Castel Di Lama Italy Paeco House in Castel Di Lama Italy
photos : Gabriele Viviani

The Living area is located on the ground floor and the sleeping area is on the first floor. By the lay of the land and creating a height difference, the house on three levels, is perceived, on the east and north sides, like a building built on a single level.

The surface of the building is 160 m2 on a site of 500 m2.

The architectural composition is addressed to the canons of modern architecture and at the same time it is linked to the local tradition. The large overhang on the west side has the function to create a “contemporary porch”. This solution offers the possibility to use this element dear for the Italian architecture in a not vernacular optical but open to the canons of contemporary architecture. This element allows to protect large windows from the hot summer sun and offers the possibility to enjoy an outdoor covered space.

Paeco House Italy Paeco House Italy Paeco House Italy
photos : Emanuele Scaramucci

The bricks that have been used were recovered from the dismantling of other buildings in the area. The house is energy efficient thanks to a system of insulation and photovoltaic panels. The structure of the building is composed of reinforced concrete with the shingle of laminated wood meant for reducing the loads since this area has an high seismic risk. The overhang is supported by two beams- reinforced concrete wall.

The optimization of financial resources (budget € 230,000) and the speed of construction time (9 months),are important as characteristics of this building.

Paeco House images / information received from Studio Emanuele Scaramucci

Location: Castel Di Lama, Italy, southern Europe

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