House at Mill Creek, Muehlen In Taufers, South Tyrol Property, North Italian Building

House at Mill Creek, Muehlen In Taufers

Alpine Single Family Home: Property in Northern Italy – design by Pedevilla Architects

13 Sep 2016

House at Mill Creek, Tyrol

Location: Muehlen In Taufers / Campo Tures, South Tyrol, northern Italy

Design: Pedevilla Architects

House at Muehlen In Taufers / Campo Tures

This North Italian home has low energy Casa Clima B class certification meaning heating energy consumption is less than 50 kw hours / sqm annually.

House at Mill Creek

Single Family Home

House at Mill Creek, Muehlen In Taufers

In self confident manner the white monolith rises from the site. The volumetric principle was emphasised by the exclusive usage of the white exterior rendering. The main focus lies therefore on the exteriors elementary colour, nuances and slight divergences were achieved by aggregates to the plaster. In detail the facades surface was moulded rather roughly. Since only with the presence of light and shadow, performing its everyday play on the surfaces, the building can unfold its visual dynamic.

House at Mill Creek, Muehlen In Taufers

The rising silhouette gives a slight impression of the upward striving space sequence on the inside. Square shaped windows are referring every now and then to significant spots in the alpine landscape. The vertical facade descends sheer homogenous into the deep and slightly slanting embrasures of the window openings. The internal space arrangement was displaced half level wise, reaching from the ground level, passing the private areas in the middle, up to the generous living room in the attic.

House at Mill Creek, Muehlen In Taufers

The building was awarded by the Casa Clima Agency with the low energy Casa Clima B class certification. Casa Clima buildings exhibit optimised construction methods, careful execution and a high level of comfort. In order to be qualified as Casa Clima B category, a building’s heating energy consumption has to be within the spectrum of 50 kilowatt hours per square metre annually.

Duration: Sep 2012 – Nov 2014
Location: Muehlen In Taufers/Campo Tures, South Tyrol, Italy

Exterior The outer plaster is a blend of chalk and selected marble sands. Structural elements were made with a vertical coring brick (50cm) No additional isulating methos was applied. Interior The internal walls were plastered, a blend of chalk and selected marble sands. The thin-layered plaster was smoothened afterwards. All floors were made with hand-hewn elm wood, all floors for sanitary units were made with Passeirer Gneiss (regional stone).

House at Mill Creek, Muehlen In Taufers

Building: 8 by 13 Meters (ground layout) Net.Area Intern: 220m2 Volume: 1060m3

Reduction of building technology, reduction of materials, high material quality, simple details, natural lighting and prospects by over-scale windows but at the same time renounce shading, refining of regional craftsmanship and traditional working methods, implementing of regional characteristics life roof form, main door or wooden parlour, ecological efficiency by avoiding of balconies and simplicity in the buildings geometry, avoiding of chemical insulations and energy-efficient usage of bricks

Hardest part of the research phase was to generate a design that would fit into the minimal building site. Therefore we developed an option which allowed the design to evolve in hight, by considering all borders of the site. The form whichcame to be, is the exact negative proportion of all administrative restrictions. Hardest part of the construction phase was the high quality standard we set to work and material. The building turned out to be a masterpiece in craftamship.

House at Mill Creek, Muehlen In Taufers

Pedevilla Architects are, Dr. Arch. Armin Pedevilla and Dr. Arch. Alexander Pedevilla

Copyright by Pedevilla Architects / Photography by Gustav Willeit

Pedevilla Architects

The project was made for an private client, whereas Pedevilla Architects are commissioned to promote the design and architecture.

Winner – House At Mill Creek Single Family Home by Pedevilla Architects is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015-16.

House at Mill Creek, Muehlen In Taufers – A’ Design Awards & Competition shortlisted

Location: Muehlen In Taufers, Tyrol, Italy, southern Europe

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