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Casillo Headquarters, Italy : Italian HQ Building

Bari Industrial Zone Building design by Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners

19 Feb 2013

Design: Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners

Location: Bari, south east Italy

Bari Headquarters Building

The new headquarters for Casillo are located in Corato, the outskirts of the city of Bari, Italy, in its industrial zone. The surface area of the intervention is of 6,000 sm, part of which will be dedicated to green areas. The building gross area is 4.500 sm on three levels plus the underground parking. It houses a conference hall, offices, workshop area and open space, management offices and a control room for checking goods.

Casillo Headquarters Italy
photo from architect

Casillo Offices, Bari

The new office block was designed as a rectangular box-shaped body of 55 x 27 meters, with two floors above ground that rest on a plinth of 1.50 meters height. We meant for the building to be perceived as a fragmented single block composed of white plastered walls, enriched by the modular definition of the perforated aluminum orange panels. The conference room and the control room both have been conceived as glass containers that plug into the body of the block.

The center of the block has a courtyard of 13 x 7 meters necessary to air and ventilate the rooms that overlook it. The courtyard is one of the main defining elements of the architecture; through which not only did we guarantee proper lighting to the offices and corridors, but we were also conscious of the well-being and visual comfort of the people who work there every day.

Casillo Headquarters Italy Casillo Headquarters Italy
photos from architect

Two staircases serve the volume that houses the offices; these are accompanied by elevators that have skylights allowing further penetration of light. Despite the pure and “closed block” design of the outside skin, the interiors are totally transparent and permeable.

The building is conceived in order to control the natural illumination, avoid the excessive warming of the interiors by the operable blinders and ventilated plaster façade. The geothermic mechanical plants allow to reduce the CO2 emission.

Casillo Headquarters Italy Casillo Headquarters Italy Casillo Headquarters Italy
photos from architect

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Location: Corato, Bari, Italy, southern Europe

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