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Persian Factory : Iran Architecture

Contemporary Iranian Factory Project – design by Hooba Design Group

8 Apr 2013

Persian Factory Iran

Design: Hooba Design Group

Location: Iran

Iranian Factory Building

One of the major aims in designing this project was coming to an integrated spatial pattern,which fits both the new part of the existing structure and the site plan of the factory.

Persian Factory Iran building design
image from architect

In order to achieve this goal the volume design concept, including all components of the factory such as the enclosure wall, the security building, the official building, the presentation part, the manufacture building and the landscape of the project. In order to achieve an integrated organization, we used a spatial diagram, which defined both the inside and outside of the project simultaneously. This diagram is influenced by the building’s site, and also the existing status of building and additional sections.

One of our main goals in designing this project was defining an introducing identity of Persian factory building; therefore we use the organization’scolor, and designed the idea to differentiate the combination of white and blue from the perspective of vehicles driving past the factory in the adjacent highway.

Persian Factory Iran
image from architect

We use light concrete blocks with turquoise glaze (organizational color of Persian factory) to construct the walls. Since the concrete can be mass produced, it is very much cost-effective and economically justified. In the existing structure,considering performance speed and cost reduction, the current status of the covering material is more simple and integrated. Regarding thedusty status of the area, the material is chosen in a way so it doesn’t lose its quality over time.

Water is designed on façade of the project as an element, which introduces the factory’s production, and also the water motion is in compliance with volume morphology and the morphology of the façade represents the motion of color and water; that considering its scale in the volume it is considerably visible from different parts and angles of the Highway.

Persian Factory Iran
image from architect

Roof as a usable space of the project:
Although the roof is designed as a functional space for the factory,it is also a comfortable space for seminars, ceremonies and a public introduction of products. It can house large capacities of people and is created through a path that is an open exhibition space with a minor slope (6%).

This part, which is designed through an integrated ramp, not only is attached to the current status of the volume, but it also defines the outside borders of the factory. People can access this part through a separate entranceaccessed from the street without having to enter the factory. Alongthis ramp there are areas dedicated for temporary representation of bathtubs and factory products.A part of the roof of the factory is designed for reception and seatsalong with outdoor audio-visual equipments.

Persian Factory Iran
image from architect

A clothed-moving roof have been designed and placed in the seating area, in addition to that, the other part of the roof is used to set-up solar panels, in order to absorb the maximum southern sunlight. The energy saved by the panels is used to providelighting for thelandscape, and also to heat the floor pipes of the landscape, implemented with the aim of melting snow in the shaded areas of the site, and last but not least, to provide electricity for the waterfront façade.

The relation betweenthe volume and the factory internal performance of the factory is based on the creation of a dynamic motional-presentational space besides the volume of factory.

Therefore, a void has been designed all the way through this area of the factory, which defines the paths of motion ramps within the factory. This then creates a suitable passageway for the visitors of the company, without having to enter the enclosed workshop areas of the factory. It’s worth mentioning that some parts of the walls are shielded with glass so that visitors can observe the activities inside the workshops as well.

Persian Factory Iran Persian Factory Iran Persian Factory Iran Persian Factory Iran
images from architect

This path directs people to galleries that represent the main products of factory. Some roof skylights are also placed in this space to direct in some light for the walking paths.

The factory is designed so that it is mainly divided in to three main zones, with one zone being the workshops, where activity-related productions are happening – they mainly exist in the existing skeleton. The next section would be the management zone, offices and also galleries. It is worth mentioning that in spite of the existence of different zones, managers can easily have access to any parts of the factory.

The gallery is easily and directly accessible by the official zone through ramps and steps.The management department is able to easily have access to this area as well. They can also show the production and workshop’s zones to visitors along the way.

The factory’s access concept is to have a complete rotation from the truck entrance, for comfortable and fast loading and discharging loads in the landscape. Therefore an open passage with a suitable height has been designed at the end of the interior space in order to facilitate truck movement.

Persian Factory Iran Persian Factory Iran Persian Factory Iran Persian Factory Iran
images from architect

Persian Factory Development Iran – Building Information

Design Consultant: Hooba Design Group
Architect: Hooman Balazadeh
Built up area: 9,000 sqm
Competition date: 2012
Designing Team: Mina Razm joo, Elham Seifi Azad, Hamid Abdilou, Behnaz Karimi
3D Illustration: Mona Razavi
Parametric Modeling: Behnood Eghbali
Presentation: Amin Soltanpoor, Ghafour Samadpoor, Nooshin Atrvash
Marquette: Parimah Jahanard
Animation and Film: Aslan Taheri

Persian Factory images / information from Hooba Design Group

Location: Iran

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