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Iran Factory Building : Paykar Bonyan Panel

Contemporary Iranian Project – by Architectural Research And Design

14 Aug 2008

Paykar bonyan panel factory

Date built: 2008

Design: ARAD (Architectural Research And Design)

Photographs: Ali Daghigh except images annotated otherwise

Paykar Bonyan Panel Factory, Iran Building

Paykar Bonyan Panel Factory Iran

The project: is a factory that contains a prefabricated building system production plant plus an office & ancillary building.

Paykar bonyan panel factory Paykar bonyan panel factory Paykar bonyan panel factory

Site: The site location is an industrial city for non-pollution factories, 35 kilometer away from Tehran, Iran.

The Client Goal: is to change the traditional construction system to an industrial building system which can fulfill the enormous demand of construction in Iran. The client, therefore, wanted the factory to be indicative of this goal in terms of architectural quality in industrial building system with no resemblance to traditional factories in Iran.

Due to a tight construction schedule we had to have EPC contract for the project (fast track design/build contract)

The program: is a 3700 sqm production plant with a 350 sqm mezzanine for settlement of technical management team and 500 sqm for technical office and showrooms and mechanical room that must be close to and with a good access to the production plant. There is also a 500 sqm management building with a VIP suit and receptions that is connected to the main bldg with a bridge.

The ancillary building with 200 sqm area is in a separate building in the site.
Building Morphology: These types of buildings always possess some characteristics such as large span, modular structure and homogeneous space.
Architectural Concept: (everything happens @ once) Architect’s approach towards designing a distinctive building is to bear in mind the above-mentioned characteristics.

Paykar bonyan panel factory Paykar bonyan panel factory
photographs : Kamran Adl

As regards this project, not only the characteristic aspects have been regarded but also we have been able to get the maximum use of a kind of architecture which provides for all quantitative and qualitative architectural demands.
Geometry of space: (The geometry can make us either murderers or lovers)
The emphasis was to apply a simple geometry of space to be able to meet all the prospects foreseen in the project such as the program and the required connectivity and moreover be able to create a new atmosphere which makes turn a globe either in section or in plan as well as the project façade ( interior and exterior) into a homogeneous object.

The building is located North-South lengthwise and the main administration building which overlooks Alborz mountain has a uniform glass view. The production site whose windows due to triangular shapes are placed under the ceiling and towards North, enjoy an integrated indirect light which illuminates the whole area of the production site. All the used materials in the building have been available in the vicinity of the site up to 50 km and have been manufactured in accordance with the existing technology in the country.

Paykar bonyan panel factory Paykar bonyan panel factory Paykar bonyan panel factory

The area where the building is located requires heating system rather than cooling. The project location in the site as well as its lengthways building in North-South direction plus designing of various openings in east-west part cause natural air ventilation to blow inside the building due to local winds. This result in energy saving.

Paykar bonyan panel factory Iran – Building Information

Paykar bonyan panel factory – Project Team

Client: Paykar bonyan co.
Architects: (ARAD co.): Bahram Kalantari, Kourosh Dabbagh
Design team: Majid Pazhuhi , Niloofar Niksar
Technical team: Anoushiravan Kharrazi, Mehdi Holakouie, Mona haddadi
Project manager: Eskandar Hadjizadeh
Structural consultant: Behrang Baniadam (Afarinesh consulting co.)
Mechanical consultant: melkon sarkezians
Electrical consultant: Vahid morteza ghasemi
Main contractor: Afarinesh consulting co.
Photography: Kamran Adl (pic no. 06,07), Ali Daghigh (remaining pics)

Paykar bonyan panel factory – Project Specification

Site location: Parand industrial city, Tehran, Iran
Site surface: 10,500 sqm
Built surface: 4,200 sqm (40%)
Total built area: 5,250 sqm (50%)
Green area: 1,000 sqm (10%)
Production plant: 3,700 sqm
Technical management mezzanine: 350 sqm
Technical design office: 350 sqm
Show room: 100 sqm
Management office: 300 sqm
Vip suite: 100 sqm
Mechanical zone: 150 sqm
Ancillary building: 200 sqm

ARAD (Architectural Research And Design) based in Valiasr Ave, Tehran, Iran

Paykar bonyan panel factory Paykar bonyan panel factory

Paykar bonyan panel factory building images / information from Architectural Research And Design Aug 2008

Location: Parand, Tehran, Iran

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