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The Stone Ubud Homes and Hotel

Bali Buildings, Indonesia, southeast Asia – design by Atelier Urbanus

6 Jul 2015

The Stone Ubud Homes and Hotel in Bali

Design: Atelier Urbanus

Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The Stone Ubud project is located in 6.5 Ha Payangan on an 35 degrees sloping hill of Ubud, sited on the real painting of Walter Spies and surrounded by the river famous Ayung.

The Stone Ubud Homes and Hotel in Bali

The project commissioning consist of Architecture, Masterplanning, and Landscape Architecture for 35 villas and 60 room of Boutique Hotel.

The Stone Ubud

Atelier Urbanus has again taken up a challenging assignment of a premium leisure hospitality development in an extreme topographical site condition in Ubud Bali, Indonesia, leading the role as lead architect, masterplanner, and landscape architect for the autograph boutique hotel of Marriott The Stone.

The Stone Ubud

The esteemed development is not only sparkled from the bold initiative of the Client, but also a revelation of innovation that Atelier Urbanus would provide with the ground breaking vision within innovative ideas, to experience the mother beauty of Ubud Bali.

The Stone Ubud

Across the design exercise Atelier Urbanus has been presenting a strong analytical approach to conduct design by research, and for such a unique site to also sharpening the design solution for the quick fact findings on the site, implementing the bold vision of this development, and testing the idea against its development brief.

The Stone Ubud

The result has ultimately been the recommendation of solutions that would merge and seamlessly blended into design idea and where all the concept is translated clearly into its details

The project has a unique opportunity due to its extreme topographical condition and located in one of the most magnificent hilly side in Bali.

Basically, there are 3 main issues related to the site:

The first is the 1.4 km away from main road
The master plan has been developed to minimize hard infrastructure and introduce soft solution to celebrate the sublime experience of Ubud forest and paddy fields.

Away from main road can create sense of seclusion to resort, we only need to create a unique pathway to the site, and to create a unique experience using local non-fueled-transportation.

Secondly the 6.5 Ha site area is too small to accommodate 35 luxury villas as part of the development brief. The impact would be on creating architecture typology that is merged with the landscape by using the grass roof concept or alike. Since the terrain has an extreme sloop, the dramatic view offered is undisturbed. Since the outdoor and indoor of villas is merged into a single experience, the solution we have offered to preserve the privacy issue is by having a collaborative solution between architecture and the landscape.

Thirdly is that the site is plotted on mostly an extreme sloop terrain, almost no flat area, with an average angle of 35 degrees.

The Stone Ubud

Extreme sloop will cost more money to create structure, but it also creates a natural visual barrier for privacy as it can reduce horizontal distance among villas.

Within the 6.5 Ha site several lanes of slope car have been introduced to best serve mobility without the intervention of massive infrastructure. This will preserve the beauty of the nature of the terrain, extending its uninterrupted sole outdoor experience, and surely reduce infrastructure cost significantly. Technology is now able to provide a low maintenance of outdoor hillside lift.

With the three combined opportunities, the design strategy is focusing on:
creating a unique experience in exploring the exotic beauty of ubud and Ayung river, developing a new architecture typology that serve the uniqueness of site and culture of “bali” with unique approach, and creating a perfect hideway, as well as providing privacy and intimacy with nature.

The Stone Ubud

The concept resort villa has the same tendency to creates contemplative mood and sense of seclusion, by creating blurry boundary between interior and surrounding environment, spa is one of the facilities that support the idea of resort, even several resort hotel has spa as their selling point.

To create that sensation, the resort hotel it self has to blend with the surrounding environment. It can be achieved by using natural material to camouflage with the surrounding, segregate a massive building into separated masses to create visual fragmentation and reduce visual impact to the environment

As to create a single destination of the development, we instigate to introduce a unique spa experience. The most basic concept of spa is relaxation, but every spa has its own uniqueness and too achieve the state of relax, people needs to meet certain conditions. We need to follow this guidelines to meet the standard.

Basically the design has explored the authentic surrounding nature as to reveal the authentic ambiance in creating a contemplative mood that leads mind into the state of relax. This ambiance we have designed is translated mostly by defining lighting, texture , tactile stimulation, and all type sensoric stimulation including sound. Natural environment basically has those elements in one package. Our proposal suggests that outdoor spa is an important key for resort.

Upon conclusion of the research conducted as part of the initial stage of the design exercise we have offered several development component within this 6.5 Ha site development to be the unique selling prepositions: and the 35 unit luxurious villas.

The Stone Ubud

The wedding chapel with a totally unique ambience, located on the top of the high spot, between two valley, with 360 degree of grand view, unforgettable experience of three layer entrance, provide a unique sense of welcoming; the specialty restaurant , with a vast view of paddy field and the valley towards the river; the hanging spa is located near to the confluence of Ayung river, collision of two flow creates an exotic soundscape that generates contemplative mood; the 60 keys of boutique hotel with stepped down block massing typology creates visual fragmentation of the whole mass, reduces visual impact from it; the 35 unit luxurious villa provides extraordinary view of vertical terrain, but also becomes a part of it, blends in, to again reduce visual impact.

This experience-driven built-environment concept is based on human biospheric approach, with minimum hard-infrastructure intervention, and elevate the ultimate luxurious of experience, preserving the exclusivity of each guest, and offering the dramatic visual impact across this special scenery of Ubud.

The Stone Ubud

The Stone Ubud House – Building Information

Design: Atelier Urbanus
Architect: Dastin Hillery
Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Project name: The Stone Ubud
Completion date: 2018
Type: Luxurious Resort Hotel and Villas
Client: Mahkota Propertindo
Size:6.5 Ha

The Stone Ubud

The Stone Ubud Homes and Hotel in Bali images / information from Atelier Urbanus

Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia

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