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Hilversum Town Hall : Modern Dutch Building

Hilversum Town Hall Building in The Netherlands – Modern Dutch Architecture

21 Aug 2012

Hilversum Town Hall

Dates built: 1928 – 31

Design: Willem Marinus Dudok

Hilversum Raadhuis

New photographs, from Summer 2012:

Hilversum Town Hall building in the Netherlands

Photos © Adrian Welch

The Raadhuis in Hilversum is Dudok’s masterpiece. Famous W.M. Dudok design from 1923-1924 ; building didn’t start until 1927.

Raadhuis Hilversum

This striking, asymmetric building is formed from simple planes punctuated with rhythmic openings.

Hilversum Town Hall Building Dutch Modernist Town Hall Building

The architecture is dominated by the high clock tower in the southwest corner and beautifully set against a large expanse of water on the west (towards city centre) side.

Dutch Modern Town Hall Building Dutch Modernist Town Hall Dutch Modern Town Hall Dutch Town Hall Building
photos © Adrian Welch

This world-famous Modernist building appears in most histories of 20th Century Architecture and the Modern Movement

Modern buildings adjacent to the Raadhuis, to the north west:

Hilversum Raadhuis Hilversum Raadhuis
photos © Adrian Welch

Another famous Modernist building in Hilversum on e-architect:

Sanatorium Zonnestraal
Date built: 1928
Design: Jan Duiker with Bernard Bijvoet and January Gerko Wiebenga
Sanatorium Zonnestraal Hilversum
photograph : Wessel de Jonge
Sanatorium Zonnestraal

Location: Raadhuis Hilversum, Netherlands, north western Europe

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