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Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition

German Architecture Contest: Building – Architects Winners

10 Sep 2015

Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition News

Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition Winners News

Architecture prizewinner announced

Dessau-Roßlau – the jury in the design competition for the construction of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau awarded two first prizes. The prizewinners, selected by a majority decision with one dissenting voice, come from New York and Barcelona with the third and fourth prizes going to Zürich and Toronto.

Two first prizes awarded

It was a long day of intense discussion covering all aspects of the project to build the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. In the end, the jury, voting by a majority with one dissenting voice, elected to give first place to two designs. A further surprise came shortly before 10 p.m. when anonymity was lifted and it was revealed that the firms selected came from all over the world.

Bauhaus Building, Walter Gropius, 1925-26, Dessau, Germany:

image © Gordon Watkinson

The prizewinners are as follows:

Equal first places:

• Architects: Gonzalez Hinz Zabala (Roberto González Peñalver, José Zabala Rojí, Anne Katharina Hinz), Barcelona/Spain
Landscape architect: Roser Vives de Delás, Barcelona/Spain

• Architects: Young & Ayata (Michael Young, Kutan Ayata), New York/USA
Landscape architect: Misako Murata, New York/USA

Third place:
• Architects: Berrel Berrel Kräutler AG (Maurice Berrel), Zurich/Switzerland
Landscape architect: ASP Landschaftsarchitekten AG (Florian Seibold), Zürich, Switzerland

Fourth place:
• Architects: Ja Architecture Studio (Nima Javidi), Toronto/Canada
Landscape architects: JA Architecture Studio (Behnaz Assadi), Toronto/Canada

Bauhaus Building, Walter Gropius, 1925-26, Dessau, Germany:
Bauhaus Building Dessau façade entry - Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition 2015
image © Gordon Watkinson

Awards were also given to the following firms:
• Architects: Raummanufaktur (Edin Saronjic, Alexander Scholtysek), Darmstadt/Germany
Landscape architects: Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin/Germany

• Architects: Nussmüller Architekten ZT GmbH (Inge and Stefan Nussmüller), Graz/Austria
Landscape architect: Robert Kutscha, Graz/Austria

• Architects: Steiner, Weißenberger Architekten (David Steiner, Karl Weißenberger), Berlin/Germany
Landscape architect: Jens Henningsen, Berlin/Germany

Website: Bauhaus Museum Dessau competition in Germany – no longer active when checked on 11 November 2023

Bauhaus Building Dessau

The new museum is planned for a site in the centre of Dessau, located in the city park to the south of the school building. It will include a spatial programme of 3,500 square metres, with 2,100 square metres of exhibition space, reports dezeen.

The open competition for the museum was announced in February 2015, and the building is scheduled to complete in 2019 – marking the 100th anniversary of the school’s opening.

5 + 2 Apr 2012

Bauhaus Building Dessau

Location of building: south east Germany

Bauhaus Exhibition

Apartment House Weissenhof Estate, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1927, Stuttgart, Germany:
Apartment House Weissenhof Estate
image © Gordon Watkinson

Skywood House, Graham Phillips, 2000, Denham, UK:
Skywood House - Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition
image © Gordon Watkinson

Bauhaus Building Dessau
image from Bauhaus Building Competition organisers

The Bauhaus Building and the Masters’ Houses in Dessau, by architect Walter Gropius, have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. The Renovation of the Bauhaus Building and the Masters’ Houses in line with monument conservation practice underpins this status.

Bauhaus Masterhouses Dessau

Bauhaus Building - Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition
image from Bauhaus Building Competition organisers

Bauhaus Building architect : Walter Gropius

Location: Bauhaus Museum, Dessau, Germany, western Europe

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