Refuge du Goûter, Saint Gervais Les Bains Building, French Mountain Hotel, France Architecture

Refuge du Goûter, French Alps Hotel

Rhône-Alpes Mountain Building in France – Alps design by Déca-Laage + Groupe-H

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French Mountain Hotel

Location: Saint Gervais Les Bains, Haute-Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, south-eastern France

Design: Déca-Laage + Groupe-H

Refuge du Goûter France
photo : Nikolay Bersenev

This precipitous Alpine building was one of our picks from the Buildings of 2013 : Architecture of the Year – e-architect’s selection of key architectural developments posted on the site in the last year.

French Alps Building

Built at an altitude of 3835m, on 2000m2 of land above a west facing rock spur, subjected to winds of up to 250 km/h and temperatures of down to – 40°C, the architectural concept was conditioned by the harsh environment. This situation meant that we had to adapt to such forces, which determined the shape and orientation of the refuge.

Refuge du Goûter France
photo : Pascal Tournaire

To withstand the winds, we studied fluids mechanics and the aerodynamic properties of the exterior structure. Our research on convex structures lead us to decide on an ellipse form, which, once projected into three dimensions, became a spheroid. The principal axis of the ellipse was placed facing the prevailing winds in order to deposit the snow in a snow melter at the back of the refuge.

Refuge du Goûter France
photograph : Gudrun Bergdahl

To transpose this form into a structure, the elliptique shape was transformed into seg-ments of a circle, divided into equal sections of 128 trapezoidal or rectangular facets. This smooth and simple shape was proportioned using the most harmonious lines posible, with a plan and the long profile corresponding to the golden triangle and the short profile to a square. The aesthetic dimension therefore equals the ingenuity of the building.

Refuge du Goûter France
photo : Gudrun Bergdahl

The global wooden structure represents a volume of 400m3. The 720m2 of hollowcore wood panels lie on a grill of beams fixed to 69 piles. The assembly is carried out with resin fixings. The exterior facets are insulated with wood composite panels and covered in stainless steel. Sized for ease of transport, the prefabricated modules are all assembled on site.

Refuge du Goûter France French Alps building interior
photo : Gudrun Bergdahl

Thermal energy comes from solar water heaters and the electricity from photovoltaic panels. The air treatment and heating are provided by a dual flow extraction system and heat exchangers. Designed to accommodate 120 people, the refuge functions in complete autonomy.

Refuge du Goûter France Alps bunk beds
photo : Gudrun Bergdahl

Refuge du Goûter France images / information from Déca-Laage + Groupe-H

Location: Saint Gervais Les Bains, France

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