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post updated 31 October 2021

Ferry Terminal

Ferry Terminal Buildings

This page contains a selection of Ferry Terminal Architecture, with links to individual project pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key Ferry Terminals.

e-architect cover completed Sea Transport buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary Sea Transportation buildings.

Featured Sea Transportation Buildings, alphabetical:

25 Jun, 2021
Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal, Seoul, South Korea
Design: Sasaki Architecture
Seoul Yeoui-naru Ferry Terminal
image : Ryuichi Sasaki / Sasaki Architecture
Seoul Yeoui-naru Ferry Terminal
What will the Seoul of tomorrow be made of? What will it make us think about in the endless flow of time? Wars, ideologies, and unimaginable amounts of information come and go through the Han River. All we know is that the flow sculpts our vision.

Jan 7, 2021
Mukilteo Multimodal Ferry Terminal, Mukilteo, Washington, USA
Design: LMN Architects
Mukilteo Multimodal Ferry Terminal
photography : Benjamin Benschneider
Mukilteo Multimodal Ferry Terminal
LMN Architects is pleased to celebrate the opening of the Mukilteo Multimodal Ferry Terminal in Mukilteo, Washington. With input from local tribes, the two-story terminal building, designed in partnership with KPFF Consulting Engineers, replaces the existing terminal built in 1957 and adheres to contemporary environmental and building standards.

Recent Ferry Terminals Building Designs

The Meridian line Akashi Ferry Terminal, Japan
Date built: 2003
Design: K.Associates
Akashi Ferry Terminal Building
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai
Akashi Ferry Terminal Building
This building is intended to be a terminal for a ferry line linking Awaji Island to the mainland. Functionally, it is quite simple and consists of two spaces: a waiting hall with a ticket counter and toilets and a passageway leading to the gate where tickets are presented before boarding.
The waiting hall is the main space in this building. The architects tried to give spatial expression to certain images the client had suggested at the start of design: Akashi (a scenic coastal area in the region with ancient literary associations), the meridian and an astronomical observatory. The building is a simple, closed box with two types of openings.

Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool, England, UK
Design: Hamilton Architects
Pier Head Ferry Terminal
photo © Adrian Welch
Pier Head Ferry Terminal Building
Controversial design in front of Liverpool’s cherished and elegant Three Graces.
“The Council should never have allowed development on the site. Ironically the seeming desire to fit in – solid stone-coloured walls rather than say glazing – makes the situation worse by hiding the building(s) behind and by making more of an impact in all views.”
Adrian Welch, e-architect Editor

Stockholm Ferry Terminal, Sweden

Design: C. F. Møller Architects
Stockholm Ferry Terminal
image from the architect
Stockholm Ferry Terminal Building
The new terminal for Stockholm’s permanent ferry connections to Finland and the Baltics will be a landmark for the new urban development Norra Djursgårdsstaden – both architecturally and environmentally. The terminal, which will have a facade covered with expanded mesh, recalls the shape of a moving vessel and the architecture – with large cranes and warehouses – that previously characterized the ports. At the same time, the terminal has an ambitious sustainable profile, characteristic of the entire development.

Yokohama International Port Terminal, Tokyo, Japan
Design: Foreign Office Architects
Yokohama Ferry Terminal
photograph via RIAS in 2004
Yokohama Ferry Terminal Building
The architects asked ‘how far you can take a package to make a system’. I enjoyed her simple pursuit of simplicity, the rough wood outside, the smooth inside, also the inventiveness of it all, ‘the floor became a kind of bench…bodily contact with the buildings is… very effective’. Some of the ideas and geometries seemed a little contrived, and expensive, but the radical newness forces us to evaluate the potential of building anew.
Adrian Welch, e-architect Editor

More waterfront terminal / port buildings online soon

Transport Architecture

Railway Station Designs
Bijlmer Station
photo © Ger Van Der Vlugt

Bus Station Buildings
Bus Station Hoofddorp
picture : Radek Brunecky

Other Ferry Terminal Buildings welcome

Airport Terminal Buildings
Winnipeg Airport Buildings
photo from architects

RATP Bus Centre, France
ecdm architects
RATP Bus Centre
photograph : Benoit Fougeirol
RATP Bus Centre

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