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3XN Architecture Book

Danish Architectural Publication – Launch in Copenhagen, DK

2 Mar 2010

3XN Book Launch

3XNs latest publication MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR will launch Thursday March 4th.

Architecture can get people talking together. Architecture can calm children in the classroom. Architecture can make passive people more active. Architecture can shape corporate culture. Architecture can encourage people to find new paths, discover new aspects of their city – and of themselves.

3XN Book
image : 3XN

3XN Architects Book

The book elaborates on the behaviour as a theme in 3XNs current solo exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre. MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR addresses how architecture shapes behaviour by challenging seven of its aspects: Learning Behaviour, Human Behaviour, Public Behaviour, Social Behaviour, Cultural Behaviour, Building Behaviour, and Responsible Behaviour.

Through contributions from a number of acknowledged writers the book offers new perspectives on the relationship between architecture and behaviour – and even gives an exclusive glimpse into the mind of a teacher as well as a student from 3XNs highly acknowledged Ørestad College building.

A brief extract from the introduction to the theme of Cultural Behaviour:
“The world is shrinking. Globalisation means that we no longer have one TV channel but 50; the internet gives us access to vast volumes of knowledge and low price travel has made the whole world familiar. How can we use each other’s differences to expand our world again?”

.. and a brief extract from the Cultural Behaviour essay “The World is not the Internet” by Ralf Richardt Strøbech:
“The wonderful thing is that our chosen destination is somebody else’s home. Whether we go to Athens or the Amazon, it’s home to somebody or something. I call it one man’s everyday life is another man’s adventure.”

Each theme is richly illustrated with examples from 3XNs portfolio.
MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR will be launched in connection with an international summit on ‘Behaviour and the Built Environment’ at the Danish Architecture Centre Thursday March 4 – Danish Architecture Centre Exhibition by 3XN.
Danish 3XN Exhibition
photo : Adam Mørk

” Kent Martinussen, CEO at the Danish Architecture Centre
” Poul Erik Tøjner, Managing Director at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
” Ida Marie Klawonn, Teacher at Ørestad College
” Martine Seedorff, Student at Ørestad College
” Marianne Krogh Jensen, Mag.art, ph.d
” Jan Gehl, Professor Emeritus of Urban Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
” Lars Qvortrup, Dean of the Danish School of Education (DPU) at Aarhus University
” Ralf Richardt Strøbech, Director & Set Designer at Loop group
” Henrik Oxvig, Ass. Professor and Director of Doctorial Studies at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
” Blaine Brownell, Founder of Transstudio and Ass. Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture

About 3XN

Taking a holistic approach and constantly trying to synthesize design, function and context, the Danish practice 3XN has received much acclaim for projects like their revolutionary design for the education building Ørestad College, the Danish Embassy in Berlin, Museum of Liverpool, the Muziekgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam and others. Thus, the practice’s winning proposal for a new Denmark’s Aquarium in Copenhagen, The Blue Planet, was compared with a design by another famous Dane, Jørn Utzon’s Sydney Opera.
In order to investigate future possibilities of architectural innovation, 3XN has established an internal department of research and development, particularly focusing on so-called intelligent materials, new technologies and sustainability.

3XN Book – Data

Size: 276 pages, illustrated
Language: English
Proportions: 240×170 mm, soft cover
Release: 4 Mar 2010 at the Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark
ISBN: 978-87-993680-0-6
Distribution: www.dacbookshop.dk

3XN Book images / information from 3XN

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark, northern Europe

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