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14 Apr 2011

New Brighton House

a:b:i:r architects Wins Planning for a New House in Brighton with their Contemporary Approach

a:b:i:r architects have won planning permission for a detached, two bedroom private dwelling house on an brown field site in east Brighton for which their client previously had three planning refusals and a dismissal at appeal.

New Brighton House New Brighton House
Brighton house images : a : b : i : r architects

The previous schemes had taken a traditional approach and tried to match the building stock of the surrounding area on a site which was previously occupied by a single storey garage. a:b:i:r architects used the existing building as a starting point for the design with the massing of the proposed house making reference to the former domestic garage building so as to read as single storey from the street.

The site is positioned between no’s 2 & 4 Forest Road in east Brighton – both semi detached – with the existing buildings positioned at 45 degrees to address the corner junctions of Forest Road with Rushlake Road to the south and Coldean Lane to the north. The position of the former domestic garage which was located between the properties defines the primary location of the living area of the ground floor of the new house.

The single storey structure is reflected on the east side of Forest Road where several garage structures sit between the rotated semi-detached houses.

The proposed house is arranged over two floors with the entry level (living room, wc, kitchen dining space) at ground floor and the bedrooms at lower ground level making use of the topography of the site and avoiding impact on the adjoining sites. The living areas are located at ground floor level to maximise the use of natural daylight whilst protecting the adjoining properties from overlooking and over shadowing.

The bedrooms are located at lower ground floor level and sit at approximately the same height as the ground floor level of no 2 Forest Road.

The boundary walls are retained at the existing levels and finishes. The proposed house sits slightly higher than the boundary walls with the exception of the street frontage.

The house will primarily be constructed with facing brick work to reference the adjoining buildings with a low pitched sedum roof finish. Generally the ground floor (entry level) of the house has been designed to appear utilitarian to reflect the former use of the site.

The entrance is noted by means of a lightweight canopy extending from the off street parking space to the primary entrance door with full height screening protecting the privacy of the users.

Gutters, down pipes and other metal work will be galvanised steel or anodised aluminium.

Windows and doors will be high performance powder coated anodised aluminium with double glazed units.

Screens will be formed in horizontal timber with balustrades of safety glazing.

Brighton House – Building Information

Architect: Simon Atkins, director a:b:i:r architects
Planning consultant: Lewis and Co Planning Southeast Ltd

Brighton House images / information from a : b : i : r architects

a : b : i : r architects

Location: East Brighton, Sussex, England, UK

Brighton project by a : b : i : r architects

Brighton ‘Birdcage’ Bandstand
Brighton Birdcage Bandstand
image : Richard Rowland
Brighton Birdcage Bandstand

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