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Europahuset Tower, Denmark : C. F. Møller Offices

Ny Arkitektur Århus, Jylland, Danmark

14 Apr 2008

Location: Jutland, Denmark

Architects: Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller

Building images, April 2008:

Europahuset, C. F. Møller Architects offices

C. F. Møller Architects’ Head Offices

Europahuset Aarhus C. F. Møller office building

On Europaplads in central Aarhus, where the city meets the harbour, stands the distinctive 12-storey Europahuset tower block. The tower was built in 1957, but in 2006 C. F. Møller Architects installed its new head offices in the top five floors of the building.

Europahuset Århus Europahuset Tower Århus

On the roof, a new penthouse storey has been constructed containing a canteen, meeting facilities and a roof terrace. The superstructure is constructed of glass with a pre-patinated copper cladding, which refers to the public baths and, in particular, to the copper-clad spires of the Cathedral nearby.

Europahuset Aarhus Europahuset Tower Aarhus Aarhus C. F. Møller offices Aarhus C. F. Møller office building

The superstructure has been raised up to provide visual contact with the street, twelve storeys below. In this way, the terrace becomes a “presentation tray” for the finest urban features in Aarhus: the Aarhus River, the Cathedral and the old coastline.
The actual design studio occupies coherent open storeys, linked by a single long, sculptural stairway that passes through all the storeys.

Europahuset Tower Aarhus Europahuset Tower Aarhus

Europahuset – Building Information

Client: Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
Address: Århus
Year: 2006
References: Byggeri nr. 5, side 66-70; Danske ark byg, nr.6, side 24-26

Europahuset – images / information from Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller Apr08

Europahuset architects : Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller

Location: Europahuset, Århus, Jutland, Denmark, northern Europe

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