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HS Kwartier Den Haag

Contemporary Dutch Buildings at Central Innovation District design by KCAP, The Netherlands

13 Mar 2019

Location: adj. Hollands Spoor station, Laakhavens, The Hague, the Netherlands

Design: KCAP Architects&Planners

KCAP designs urban vision HS Kwartier The Hague

HS Kwartier Den Haag, Laakhavens buildings

Renders © KCAP & WAX / © KCAP

HS Kwartier Den Haag – The Hague Urban Vision

Rotterdam, March 13th, 2019 – Many cities face the challenge to provide for more housing in inner-city areas. So does the city of The Hague, where in the coming years the former industrial and port area of Laakhavens will be transformed into an attractive area for living and working.

HS Kwartier Den Haag, Laakhavens buildings

HS Kwartier, the area around Hollands Spoor station, is part of this development. It is also one of the three poles of the Central Innovation District (CID) and of supra-regional importance for future-oriented economic development.

HS Kwartier Den Haag, Laakhavens buildings

The area development of HS Kwartier will give an impulse to both the environment around Hollands Spoor station and the connections with the centre of The Hague. As an urban planner, KCAP is responsible for the urban vision HS Kwartier, commissioned by LIFE makes SENS. KCAP is also involved as architect in the transformation of the monumental Stationspostgebouw. As the future headquarters of PostNL, this historically valuable building will play an important role in HS Kwartier.

HS Kwartier Den Haag, Laakhavens buildings

The area around Hollands Spoor station is characterised by excellent accessibility and a mix of various functions. The area will be densified with a mixed urban program of around 245.000 m2, including a large amount of housing, offices, education, student housing, hotels, culture, restaurants and retail. Part of the development is reserved for a program that gives substance to the ambitions of the CID. In addition, the area development focuses on the design of the public space, attractive new walking and cycling routes will be created and innovative mobility concepts will be introduced.

Contemporary Dutch Buildings at Central Innovation District design by KCAP

Five towers around the Hollands Spoor station will accommodate the program and strengthen the skyline of The Hague. The shifted position of the volumes creates a varied streetscape with lively ground floor areas. The staggered facades with balconies and terraces give a feeling of transparency. In this way, the buildings are based on the human scale, despite the high density. On the Laakhaven’s side of Hollands Spoor station, a beautiful city entrance is created that connects both sides of the railway. This also includes a lively and functionally redesigned station square.

HS Kwartier The Hague Laakhavens development

The area development for Laakhavens will be presented today at the real estate fair MIPIM in Cannes in the Holland Metropole Pavilion where an agreement between LIFE makes SENS and the municipality of The Hague will be signed and where the model of HS Kwartier can be seen until March 15th.

HS Kwartier The Hague Laakhavens plan layout

Visuals © KCAP and WAX / © KCAP

HS Kwartier Den Haag, Laakhavens images / information from KCAP Architects&Planners

KCAP Architects&Planners

Location: Laakhavens, Den Haag, the Netherlands, western Europe

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