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Dukla Sports Complex, Pardubice

Czech Sports Complex: Architecture Competition – Design Contest

5 May 2016

Competition for rehabilitation of the city athletics complex in Pardubice in the Czech Republic


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Two-round, open, anonymous architectural-urban design competition

Dukla Sports Complex Competition Czech Republic

Sportovní hala Dukla – Pardubice

The competition focuses on creating a new, contemporary conception for the Dukla sports complex, a sporting area with one of the greatest potentials in the Czech Republic, and its immediate surroundings.

The goal of the competition is to design the most fitting urban and architectural solution for the sports complex, including the adjoining involved areas, as well as to reflect on the mission of sports and their significance and standing in today’s society.

The Dukla sports complex in Pardubice – involving athletic tracks, basketball and handball – offers an exceptional mixture of sports activities, and the conditions for emerging as a key instance of a town sports complex for the 21st century.

The competition outcome should be the formation of a modern multipurpose sports complex, which the city government of Pardubice will realise, on the basis of the competition results, as one of its long-term goals.

20. 04. 2016

City of Pardubice
Pernštýnské náměstí 1, 530 21 Pardubice
The Czech Republic

Prize money in total
2,200,000 CZK (ca 81,400 Eur)

First round – deadline
04. 07. 2016

Second round – deadline
07. 10. 2016 14

City representatives
Martin Charvát – Mayor – Vice-chairman of the jury
Helena Dvořáčková
Aleš Klose
Jakub Rychtecký
Jaroslav Menšík
Saša Begović (HR) – Chairman of the jury
Erik Moederscheim (NL)
Jitka Ressová
Ondřej Teplý
Edita Lisecová

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Website: Dukla sportovní / Dukla of sports Pardubice

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Location: Pardubice, Czech Republic, central eastern Europe

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Website: Sportovní hala Dukla – Pardubice

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