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Refugee Camp Architectural Contest – organised by Project Earth 2

8 Dec, 2017

Cities of Tomorrow Architecture Competition 2017

Project Earth 2 Cities of Tomorrow Design Competition

Violent conflict and persecution, compounded by rising food insecurity, environmental degradation, poor governance and countless other factors, drove more than three million people to leave their countries as refugees or to seek asylum in 2016, joining millions of others already in exile.

By 2050, because of the consequences of climate change, the amount of climate migrants could reach the number of 200 millions refugees.

Zaatari refugee camp, Zaatari Village, Jordan:
Cities of Tomorrow Architecture Competition
photo : Jared J Kohler

Refugee camps are usually planned, built and designed with the aim of fulfilling the basic human needs for only a short time, but only 189.300 refugees were resettled in 2016 and approximately 40% of the refugees have been in exile for more than 20 years.

Project Earth 2 wants to propose a different approach towards refugees and refugee camps. Rather than conceiving refugee camps as storage facilities to fulfill basic human needs and refugees as temporary inhabitants, we encourage you to zoom out and consider the refugee camps as an instrument and an opportunity to activate deserted areas of Europe.

Design refugee camps as stable settlements and as a changing structure that can grow, adapt and develop. How refugee camps can be flexible and grow in an organized way as their population increase? How can they transform from a temporary shelter into a stable settlement, providing proper living conditions and becoming the cities of tomorrow?

Solutions created by participants will be delivered to organizations and NGO working on-site, aiming at implementing them.

Submission deadline: 30th April 2018
Registration starts 1st February 2018

– Lígia Paula Simões Esteves Nunes Pereira da Silva: Founder of Architects Without Borders Portugal.
– Michelle Provoost: Director of the International New Town Institute.
– Daniel Wiens: Founder of Journeyman International
– Monica Noro: Coordinator Syria Regional Refugee Response for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
* More jury members to be announced.

Credit of the image:
Zaatari refugee camp. Photographer: Jared J kohler

Cities of Tomorrow Architecture Competition information / image received 081217 from Project Earth 2

Location: Zaatari Village, Jordan, the Middle East, Weastern Asia

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