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Blueprint Competition

Genoa Architecture Contest, Liguria, Italy – Redevelopment of former Trade Fair site

7 Oct 2016

Blueprint Competition in Genoa

Blueprint Competition


Two months after the presentation in Genoa, there is great interest in Blueprint Competition, an international ideas competition for the redevelopment of areas of the former Trade Fair site owned by the City of Genoa and SPIM – the company for valorizing the City’s real estate holdings.

Blueprint Competition Genoa

The competition notice and the attachments are available on the website .
From the Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s design to a project for the Genoa waterfront capable of attracting the interest of international investors.

The areas covered by the competition face the docks of the Trade Fair site, at the mouth of the harbour, and lie between the entrance to Piazzale Kennedy and the former Nira building, with the exception of the Blue Pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel.

Sponsored by the city of Genoa, in concert with SPIM, the competition is the starting point for of the “Blueprint for Genova”, the overall study donated to the city of Genoa, the Liguria Region and the Port Authority by the architect Renzo Piano and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, which redesigns the part of the city that stretches from Porta Siberia to Punta Vagno.

The competition is intended to acquire a conceptual project dealing with all the urban, architectural, technological and economic factors involved, and is intended to attract design professionals. The deadline for submissions is 15 December, and the Jury is expected to complete its work by January 31, 2017.

Blueprint Competition in Genoa

In developing the project, the competitors will have to take into account the preparatory works for
preparation of the area, to be carried out to a design by the municipal offices. This will involve the
demolition of a zone of about 75,000 square meters affecting the ticket office; the office building; Pavilion
C; Pavilion D; Pavilion M; the former Ansaldo-Nira building; construction of a network of canals and the
replacement of the first 500 meters of the Overpass with a different road system built at grade.

The proposals developed by the competitors will have to combine the construction of about 60,000
square meters, divided into residential, commercial, hospitality and managerial buildings, with the
creation of spaces for public use or capable of enriching the context, giving it a new significance and
sources of interest and attraction for the public. Particular attention should be given to public green
spaces and energy saving. It will create vibrant, open and permeable places, lived in and felt to be a part
of the city. Its places will be more enjoyable, fostering gatherings, discussions, displays, development
and enhancement in the fields of leisure, sport and culture.

The new building surfaces will be divided as follows, by intended use and type: Residential 40,000 m2;
commercial and artisanal activities 5,000 m2; hospitality facilities 10,000 m2; business and executive
offices 5,000 m2. Then provision will have to be made for parking below street level for the new
buildings, to be installed preferably underground, for a total area of 20,000 m2; these could be
supplemented by car parks linked to the other activities – sailing and sports – now existing or newly

For pavilion S (the sports complex), the Notice provides for alterations to its main elements, while
substantially retaining its form, confirming its use for sports and entertainments, but also the opportunity
to establish commercial or artisanal activities related to sports and sailing. Inside it, up to an additional
15,000 m² of space will be provided, for use in commercial and artisanal activities. All businesses must
be located in the premises with an overall size of not more than 250 m2, except for activities related to
specialist products or activities, connected functionally to the new developments (such as retail sales of
equipment for sailing or sports activities in general, or for specific technical assistance), which may be
somewhat larger.

Blueprint Competition in Italy

The cost of the competition works must not exceed a budget of 200 million euro.

The estimated cost of the preliminary operations (demolition works, excavations and construction of
the retaining walls for the docks) that will precede construction of the competition project is estimated at
50 million euros, including the changes to the overpass. The Presidency of the Council of
Ministers has allocated 15 million euro for the start of operations, recognizing the national
importance of the “Blueprint”.

The competition will take place exclusively online through the use of the application – devises
with the National Council of Architects – available on the website

The winner will receive a prize of 75,000 euro. Entries classified from second to fourth will
receive three prizes of 15,000 euro each.

“Blueprint Competition” has the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the National
Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists, the Liguria Region and the Port
Authority of Genoa.

The Selection Committee will consist of five permanent members, whose names will be published on the
competition website. They will include an architect or engineer appointed by the Renzo Piano Building
Workshop, an architect appointed by the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapists and
Conservationists, an internationally renowned architectural scholar, an expert in urban planning and
urban design, and an expert in economic and financial assessments in the field of urban development

For further information, please visit

Location:Genoa, Liguria, Italy

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