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Xiling Ski Resort, China

Sichuan Building – design by Sutherland Hussey Architects (SHA), Edinburgh, Scotland

24 Jun 2009

Xiling Ski Resort in China

Photos of SHA’s first completed project in China

24 Jun 2009

Xiling Gateway, Xiling, Sichuan, south west China
Sutherland Hussey Architects
Xiling Gateway Xiling Gateway Sichuan Xiling Gateway China
photos by architects

Xiling Ski Resort – Design Statement

The Xiling master-plan

The master-plan sets out to establish Xiling and its surrounding area as a major tourist attraction in China, whilst promoting a clear framework for the preservation of a vital natural ecosystem of National and International importance.

The master-plan is considered in three parts:-

The ski slope including Xiling village, the lower cable-car station and the topmost cable-station
The hiking area to the west of the ski slope
The panda reserve to the north of the ski slope

Xiling Gateway:
Xiling Gateway design
picture by architects

Xiling village

The relationship to the river is very picturesque: we have proposed a number of new cultural buildings, a new street and a public space looking over the river where people can gather to eat, drink and relax after a long day on the ski slopes.

These interventions will extend and enhance the existing grain of the village.

Xiling Cable-Car station
Xiling Cable-Car station Xiling Cable Car station
images by architects

Duck Pond Hotel

One of three new hotels this building is located at the highest altitude. Looking out over a duck pond the structure has an immediate relationship with the water.

Xiling Mountain Top Retreat:
Xiling Mountain Top Retreat Xiling Mountain Retreat
images by architects

The Mountain top

The second cable-car ascends to the very top of the mountain, where extraordinary views can be enjoyed in all directions. A mountain retreat is proposed for yoga and relaxation that tries to capture the ambience and spirituality of ancient Himalayan monasteries.

Xiling Buildings & Masterplan images / information from Sutherland Hussey Architects

Ed. Declaration of interest – I worked as an architect on the Gateway and Ski Resort for Sutherland Hussey Architects

Sutherland Hussey Architects

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