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Xiling Ski Resort, China Architecture

New Sichuan Building – design by Sutherland Hussey Architects

28 Oct 2009

Xiling Resort

Xiling Cable-Car station

Design: Sutherland Hussey Architects

Xiling Cable-Car station Xiling Cable-Car station Xiling Cable-Car station
images by architects

The Lower Cable-Car station

En-route to the ski slope the lower cable-car station sits at the foot of the mountain and at the edge of the river floodplain.

A significant new building is proposed here. It would mark a break point in the journey up and down the slopes, with a change in transport from car to cable-car or shuttle bus.

Xiling Cable-Car station Xiling Cable-Car station Xiling Cable-Car station
images by architects

The Ski Slope

The Ski Slope is located 8km from Xiling and is reached either directly by cable car or via a road, which winds its way up the mountain.

It is a beautiful and dramatic site, nestled into the mountain side amidst the extraordinary flora and fauna of the region and enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

We would envisage a radical review of this site with the following aims:

To create a sense of arrival with a new public space enjoying panoramic views of the mountains where people can sit out and enjoy a meal and a drink in a sheltered environment.
To create world class destination – a five star hotel with spa and restaurant facilities, where the visitor can wake up to the rising sun.
To create chalets / retreats embedded in the natural landscape for the ultimate retreat from the city.
To rationalise the facilities so that ski-hire is a minimum distance from the cable-car and hotel facilities.
To re-consider car parking by redesigning it to minimise its impact on the landscape.
To return much of the developed land back to being part of the natural landscape by promoting a compact design where the built environment has a powerful and intimate relationship with nature.
To create an iconic image for the hillside – a concept for its identity which will enhance the natural beauty of the mountainside in the same way that a Tibetan monastery, a Scottish Castle or an Alpine village does.

Previous images in late 2008 of the Xiling Cable Car station:
Xiling Cable-Car station Xiling Cable Car station
images by architects

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Ed. Declaration of interest – I worked as an architect on the Gateway and Ski Resort for Sutherland Hussey Architects

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