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ROLO Cottage in Morin-Heights Quebec

29 Aug 2022

Design: Alain Carle Architecte

Location: Morin-Heights, Québec, Canada

ROLO Cottage Morin-Heights Quebec

Photos by Félix Michaud

ROLO Cottage, Quebec

In a natural setting at the limits of constructability, ROLO offers a landscape approach to an architectural project. Located in the Laurentian region of Quebec, and situated on a steep slope, the property is characterized by large, rocky outcrops and offers clear views of the Laurentian horizon.

ROLO Morin-Heights

Before the intervention, the owners had created a variety of scattered and fragmented amenity areas on site, linked together by winding hiking trails that skirt along the steep cliffs of the mountainous terrain. Due to the organic and temporary nature of these initial site uses, their specificity informed the beginning of the project.

ROLO Cottage Morin-Heights Quebec

The conceptual premises of the project were therefore anchored to these temporary occupancy structures that the owners had developed over the years. Along the contours of a rocky plateau they already occupied, the location of the residence was organized in a strategic manner in order to maintain some of their existing “lifestyle”. Rather than dominating its surroundings, or reconfiguring its site, the architecture was developed to observe the landscape and respect its original state prior to the intervention.

ROLO Cottage Morin-Heights Quebec

In order to maintain the topography of the plateau, the project spaces were divided into two volumes following axes that can be seen on the site. This fragmentation made it possible to divide the program into two volumes: one housing the daily functions, and the other the nightly functions. A glazed passageway and open terrace unite the two volumes, offering a breathtaking view of the horizon.

ROLO Morin-Heights

In its spatial conception, the project favors a vertical deployment as a layering of plans that follow the programmatic fragmentation.

With this strategy, the footprint of the project was restricted, and preserved the site’s natural drainage structure, which is almost unchanged today. Built using glue-laminated timber, the structure allows for high ceilings and develops ‘’interior landscapes’’ whose proportions recall those of the surrounding trees.

This becomes the recurring theme and allure of the stripped-down interior, leaving plenty of room for the surrounding landscape. The rhythm of the supporting columns opens towards the horizon in vertical bays and breaks up the exterior panorama into small “selected paintings”. The large roof overhangs the entire outer perimeter of the pavilions, repelling snow during winter and sun during summer.

Morin-Heights Real Estate

The structural layout is simple and apparent; expressing lightness and an ephemeral quality of the intervention, in contrast with the more permanent aspect of the rocky hillside.

Morin-Heights property

The verticality of the project is strategic – offering a sensitive response for the desire to preserve a delicate appropriation between the site and its inhabitants. The project preserves a mountain peak landscape, in stark contrast to the plague of deforestation and destruction of natural systems, and the incessant sprawl of development in this area, on the outskirts of Montreal.

Quebec home design by Alain Carle Architecte

ROLO Cottage in Quebec, Canada – Building Information

Design: Alain Carle Architecte –

Location: Morin-Heights, Quebec, Canada
Year: 2021
Area: 327 sqm/ 3515 ft2

Lead Architect: Alain Carle
Project Manager: Isaniel Lévesque

Contractor: Dominic Toutant
Glulam Structure: Art Massif
Windows: Fabelta
Cabinet maker: Xavier Collection

ROLO Cottage Morin-Heights

About Alain Carle
Alain Carle has worked in the architecture field in Montreal for twenty years. Based on a pedagogical approach, he developed as a teacher and researcher in the Master’s program at the School of Architecture of the Université de Montréal, his achievements rely on a critical approach to representation in the design process.

Since 2000, the Alain Carle Architecte firm has conceived urban design and architectural projects on different scales for public and private bodies. Assisted by a stable team of creative and daring minds, with complementary competencies and experience, the Alain Carle Architecte team offers architectural services at the forefront of the industry, to a clientele that plays with audacity and creativity to offer innovative projects. On the strength of its growing reputation in Quebec, Alain Carle Architecte now practices internationally.

Félix Michaud - Photographie
Félix Michaud is a Montreal-based photographer dedicated to architecture and interior design photography. Through his practice, he seeks to build on architectural concepts by offering an intimate interpretation of the places he photographs.

Recently, he received the popular choice award in the Architecture + Photography & Video category at the A+ Awards 2022 as well as the Canadian Architect Photo Award of excellence and Architecture MasterPrize’s Interior Architecture Photography of the Year in 2021.

Active since 2005, his work also translates into a marked interest in medium format film photography.

ROLO Cottage Morin-Heights Quebec

Photographs: Félix Michaud

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Location: Morin-Heights, Québec, Canada

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