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Alizé Residence in Wentworth-Nord, Quebec

March 6, 2024

Design: Atelier BOOM-TOWN

Location: Lac Saint-Victor estate, Wentworth-Nord, Quebec, Canada

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Quebec

Photos by Raphaël Thibodeau

Alizé Residence, Canada

Atelier BOOM-TOWN presents Alizé Residence, perched on one of the many peaks of the Lac Saint-Victor estate in Wentwoth-Nord, Quebec, Canada. The Alizé residence clings to a cliff to better project itself towards the horizon, braving the winds and framing the landscape through its numerous visual openings.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Quebec

Like the arrows under weather vanes that indicate where the wind is coming from according to the points of the compass, the two main volumes of the architectural composition intersect, and the intersection becomes the residence’s anchor point to the site at the point where the terrain presents the greatest vertical drop.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Quebec

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord

The roofs are laid out along these two axes covering, from north to south, a small garage, a carport, the main entrance and vestibule, the laundry room, and a large terrace. From east to west, like the trade winds, the living room, kitchen, dining room, study, and master bedroom with private bathroom are arranged under a long, low-pitched roof.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord

The living room’s large windows face east, with the estate’s hills and Lac Notre-Dame in the distance. The longest façade, facing due south, is generously open to its surroundings. Roof projections control excess solar gain in summer and provide weather-protected outdoor spaces.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Canada

The lower level provides easy access to a plateau at the foot of the cliff in front of the residence. Here you’ll find a multi-purpose space that doubles as a family room and workout area.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Canada

The owners, outdoor enthusiasts, can accommodate family and friends in two small dormitory rooms on this floor. This level also houses the mechanical equipment room, two equipment storage areas, a bathroom, and a powder room.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Canada

The envelope is monochrome, with wood or steel siding and aluminum windows in black. The concrete of the foundation walls is directly exposed to view, emerging from the earth like the stone of the cliff on which it settles.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Canada

Lac Saint-Victor estate home

The decking of the exterior ceilings for the carport and terrace is left in natural wood, while the structure supporting the roof is exposed and painted black. Inside, polished concrete floors store and diffuse heat. High ceilings are made of wood planks.

Lac Saint-Victor estate property, Canada

Throughout the project, the color palette and materials are restrained: black, gray, white, wood, concrete, steel, and glass; pure colors that highlight the environment surrounding the project, its landscapes, daylight, the rhythm of the seasons, the sky, the earth, the bark of the trees, and the rock of the cliffs.

Lac Saint-Victor estate house design

The materials and tectonics of the project blend with the elements that make up the nature of the landscape, and the wind that blows across the whole gives it direction.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord

Alizé Residence in Wentworth-Nord, Quebec – Building Information

Architecture: Atelier BOOM-TOWN –
General contractor: Bois & Nature Construction

Structural engineer: GENIEX

Exterior siding: Juste du Pin / Maxi-Forêt / MAC architectural
Doors & windows: VST Euro Technologie
Cabinetry: Richard & Lévesque
Stairs: Escalier Maxime Lauzon

Veranda windows and screens: Tendal
Fireplace mantel: Soudure Normand inc.

Interior doors and mouldings: Boiserie VM

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Quebec

Historically, a Boomtown house has been associated with 1890–1920 ‘mushroom’ towns created near industrial complexes and mines. They are easily recognized by their simple facades and square shapes. The roof is flat, or nearly flat, which was an innovation for the time. The popularity of the Boomtown house was mainly due to its increased space and low construction costs.

A century later, Atelier BOOM-TOWN proposes a rereading of the architecture of human-scale buildings, based on the original principles of the Boomtown house: simplicity and efficiency. Working with space, light, and matter, Atelier BOOM-TOWN designs contemporary houses, adapted to modern living.

Alizé Residence Wentworth-Nord Quebec

Photography: Raphaël Thibodeau

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Location: Wentworth-Nord, Québec, Canada, North America

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