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Sofia City Centre Bulgaria : Architecture

Development by Dominique Perrault Architecture in Bulgaria, Europe

page updated 1 Aug 2016 ; 5 May 2009

Sofia City Centre

Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture


International competition, winning project, April 2009

Sofia City Centre Sofia City Center Sofia City Masterplan
images © Perrault Projets Adagp

This project is an urban development strategy. It is not an architectural project, more precisely architecture is used as a device to create a territory with its specific landscape.

We do not want to build towers, but an architectural ensemble which silhouette evokes the hilly landscape of a small mountain. Inside this topography not only is a river flowing, but also a park-garden which preserves the existing trees. We want this new district to develop harmonious relationships between nature and architecture. This long green space runs through the site and joins the two entrance crossroads, offering to public transports new possibilities of connections and services.

The strategy consists in proposing a regulation envelope which will define the silhouette of the district and its density. Inside this “virtual” envelope, the buildings are arranged according to the programs as well as the property and economical opportunities. This piece of city gets built “under” this envelope with freedom, fluidity and flexibility.

Sofia City Centre development Sofia City Centre design
images © Perrault Projets Adagp

Each architecture has its own architect, its own design, its own client, but all of these architectures show gradually the specific outline of this territory. The movements of this silhouette are interralated with the urban and geophysical environment, scoring with high points the gates of the district, or accompanying with low points the surrounding streets. This park has to become the great public space, the spine of the district.

It is this silhouette that shall be controlled by the public power, the private power being in charge of the building varied and mixed architectures.

Dominique Perrault, April 2009

Sofia City Centre Masterplan – Building Information

Client: Minister for Regional Development and Public Condtruction, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecte, Paris
Engineer: Arup, London
Location: boulevard Tsarigradsko Shosse, Sofia, Bulgaria
Site area: 65 ha

Gouvernment district, office buildings, hotels, housing buildings, sports facilities, knowledge center, exhibition center, park land area.
Gouvernment district: 325,000 m²
Office and housing buildings, hotels area: 555,000 m²
Knowledge center: 50,000 m²
Exhibition center: 60,000 m²
Park land area and sports facilities: 190,000 m²
Additional residentials: 200,000 m²

Sofia City Centre images / information from Dominique Perrault Architecture

Dominique Perrault

Location:boulevard Tsarigradsko Shosse, Sofia, Bulgaria ‘

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