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Residence ML in Nova Lima

10 Nov 2022

Design: Anastasia Arquitetos

Location: Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil, South America

Residence ML Nova Lima Brazil

Photos by Jomar Bragança

Residence ML, Beazil

The ML Residence is located in the city of Nova Lima, state of Minas Gerais. The plot is in a mountainous site with an average slope of 53 per cent.

Residence ML Nova Lima Brazil

In order to avoid permanent retaining walls (structures) it was decided that the interference in the topography and earthwork would be minimum as well as the number of building pillars, the result being a ‘volume’ which would appear lighter and detached from the ground.

Residence ML Nova Lima

Residence ML Nova Lima

We have also created two concrete walls on the north and South elevations, which not only define the volume of the house, but also prevent the waste of material, as we used metallic formworks.

Residence ML Nova Lima Brazil

It also avoided further finishing since it is difficult to use scaffolding in this height. The apparent concrete reduces the need for further maintenance of the facade.

Residence ML Nova Lima Brazil

The height of the building was defined according to the street grid to give direct access from the front of the house to the garage, and, at the back, good natural lighting on the ground under the construction, which facilitates the execution of the landscaping, which even though is in a covered area, allows a larger diversity of species.

Residence ML Nova Lima Brazil

Residence ML Nova Lima

The house has two floors, being the first on the street level and the second below it. The garage and the living area are on the ground floor whereas the social areas are on the second floor The social access is made by a staircase which leads to an open square which makes the transition between the living area and the street.

Residence ML Brazil

All the social area opens to this square (in the West) through wooden doors which function as mobile brises and to the mountains view (in the east) through glass walls, thus creating a situation of cross ventilation and abundant natural lighting.

Residence ML Brazil

All bedrooms do also face Sunrise and the mountain view.

Residence ML Nova Lima

Through the right position of the house in relation to the sun, (which dispenses the use o air-conditioning), efficient artificial lighting and fotovoltaic and solar plaques, the house presents an efficient energetic performance.

Residence ML Nova Lima

Residence ML Nova Lima

Residence ML in Nova Lima, Brazil – Property Information

Architecture: Anastasia Arquitetos –

Completion date: 2019

Residence ML Nova Lima Brazil

Photography: Jomar Bragança

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Location: Nova Lima, Minas Gerais Estado, Southeastern Brazil, South America

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