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Pawson, John : ‘Pawson: Works’
Philippe Starck : ‘STARCK’
Hadid, Zaha: ‘Zaha Hadid – The Complete Works’
Zumthor, Peter : ‘Zumthor Works’

Architecture Books on this page – O-Z

‘Rebuilding the Reichstag’ by Lord Foster
‘The Power of Contemporary Architecture’ by Peter Cook, Neil Spiller
‘The Shock of the New’ by Robert Hughes
‘The Shock of the Old’ by Philip Wilkinson

Architects Books – Architects O-Z

John Pawson: Works

Modern Architecture Books
Deyan Sudjic
2000, Phaidon Press, 240 pp, hardcover
“John Pawson is the foremost proponent of minimalism in architecture and design. already known to designers for his austere yet luxurious interiors, he has attained public acclaim for his high-profile retail projects such as the Calvin Klein flagship store in New York, his celebrity clients like Martha Stewart and his book “Minimum”.”
John Pawson: Works

Philippe Starck

Modern Architecture Books
Philippe Starck
1999, Benedikt Taschen Verlag, 260 pp, paperback
“This volume features the author’s own compilation of quotations and aphorisms – the Starck philosophy in convenient form. Designs featured range from the three-legged lemon press to the fast food shop in Nimes.

The text also includes architectural projects, interior design, and furniture. Select works are presented in chronolgical order, with emphasis on the more recent. Numerous photographs give a very personal view of the life and work of this designer”.
Philippe Starck

Zaha Hadid : The Complete Works
Gordana Fontana Giusti, Patrick Schumacher
List Price: £75.00
Our Price: £52.50
Modern Architecture Books
Zaha Hadid: The Complete Works
(Nov 2004)
ISBN: 0500342008
Thames and Hudson, 448pp, paperback
Zaha Hadid

Peter Zumthor Works

Buildings and Projects 1979-1997
Zumthor Books
Peter Zumthor, with
Helene Binet, Maureen Oberli-Turner, Pamela Johnston, Catherine Schelbert
1999, Birkhauser Verlag AG, 64 pp, hardcover
“The style of Peter Zumthor’s work has some affinities with what is often called Swiss minimalism. Zumthor believes “the language of architecture is not a question of a specific style. Every building is built for a specific use in a specific place for a specific society. My buildings try to answer the questions that emerge from these simple facts as precisely and critically as they can'”.
Peter Zumthor Works

Peter Zumthor: Three Concepts
Peter Zumthor: Three Concepts

Architecture Books on this page – O-Z

Rebuilding the Reichstag
Rebuilding the Reichstag
Lord Foster
1999, Weidenfeld Illustrated, 255 pp, hardcover
“In 1992 the decision was made to house the German parliament in the historic Reichstag building in Berlin. Sir Fosters + Partners won the subsequent architectural competition, and this book, written by him, discusses the design, evolution, and construction of the building”.
Rebuilding the Reichstag

The Power of Contemporary Architecture
Modern Architecture Books
Peter Cook, Neil Spiller
1998, Academy Editions, 128 pp, paperback
“A unique compilation of lectures by some of today’s most influential architects. This stunning who’s who guide to contemporary architects and their thinking compares and contrasts the fashions and conceptual developments of architects from all over the world, including Cedric Price, Eric Moss, Kathering Ingraham, Nicholas Teherani, Kathryn Findlay, Tom Kovac, and many others. together these lectures demonstrate the sheer power and scope of concpet architecture and its impact on today’s global landscape”.
The Power of Contemporary Architecture

The Shock of the New
The Shock of the New
by Robert Hughes
revised edition (1991)
ISBN: 0500275823
Thames and Hudson, 448pp, paperback
The Shock of the New

The Shock of the Old
Modern Architecture Books
Philip Wilkinson
2000, Channel 4 Books, 192 pp
“British buildings is a series on Channel Four presented by Piers Gough, one of Britain’s leading architects. The book deals with Roman architecture, cathedrals, vernacular buildings, the industrial revolution and modern architecture”.
Shock of the Old

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