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DETAIL Prize, Germany : Architecture Honour 2012

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23 Oct 2012

DETAIL Prize 2012 – the winners have been chosen

Architects from 45 countries submitted a total of 589 projects for the DETAIL Prize 2012. This is the fifth time that the contest, which aims to highlight impressive projects from around the world, has been held.

DETAIL Prize 2012 Winners

Once the editorial team had carried out its initial selection, the top-class jury and 3,894 DETAIL readers chose their favourites: The jury selected the project Residence Vitznau by Lischer Partner Planer AG as their winner, while the Readers’ Prize went to Portuguese architects’ office Pitágoras for its project Platform of Arts and Creativity. On 22 November 2012, both projects will be honoured at the award ceremony at the Schlosshotel im Grunewald in Berlin.

DETAIL Prize 2012 winner – Residence Vitznau, Switzerland:
Residence Vitznau - DETAIL Prize Architecture Honour 2012
photograph : Roger Frei

Munich 23, October 2012 – The DETAIL Prize 2012 also sought to identify impressive and architecturally-challenging projects with innovative features and a coherent overall concept. The editorial team had its work cut out analysing and evaluating the 589 entries. The top 25 projects were chosen and presented to the distinguished jury and readers.

The international jury, comprising David Chipperfield, Odile Decq, Norman Foster, Jürgen Mayer H., Richard Meier, Volker Staab and Graham Stirk, professionally evaluated the entries and chose the Residence Vitznau by Lischer Partner Architekten Planer AG as the winner of the DETAIL Prize 2012.

DETAIL Reader Prize 2012 winner – Platform of Arts and Creativity, Portugal
Building in Guimarães - DETAIL Prize 2012 Winner by readers
photograph : Pitágoras – Arquitectura e Engenharia Integradas, Lda

The nominated projects were presented on the website for one month. Each reader could vote once online for their favourite project. A total of 3,894 architects and architecture-lovers voted for their favourite projects. The project Platform of Arts and Creativity by Pitágoras – Arquitectura e Engenharia Integradas, Lda proved the readers’ favourite and will therefore be awarded the DETAIL Readers’ Prize.

The winners will be honoured at the exclusive award ceremony on 22 November 2012 in Berlin, where the winners will meet high-profile figures from the international architectural and cultural scenes as well as leading researchers, politicians and industrialists.

The DETAIL Prize highlights the importance of architecture for society and promotes the role of architects in public, as well as networking among architects, industrialists, developers and politicians. The Detail Prize is backed by the co-promoter, the world-leading BAU 2013 trade fair, and the main sponsor, Josef Gartner GmbH.

The winning projects at a glance:

DETAIL Prize 2012:

Residence Vitznau, Switzerland
Lischer Partner Architekten Planer AG

Residence Vitznau
photograph : Roger Frei

Project description:
The clients for the single-family house in Vitznau in Switzerland wanted to live in a wooden house. However, as the site was on a piece of steeply sloping terrain, architects’ office Lischer Partner Architekten Planer AG decided to design a solid structure whose hard shell of a concrete facade enclosed and protected the soft core of a wooden house. As a result, the wooden structure is now a house inside a house. Initially, the prefabricated wooden building was put together out of modular elements, after which the concrete facade was fitted onto it as a single shell. The completely wooden interior lining is made of stock-lumber larch wood.

At the openings and recesses, the wood is also visible from outside. The solidly framed fixed glazing in larch wood emphasise the view of different landscape features along the banks of the Vierwaldstättersee. A clear cubature design anchors the house firmly on the slope, while a bridge serves as a connection to the open yard with garage and house entrance. The shared rooms are located on the top floor and the two lower bedroom floors are accessed via two spatially offset staircases. Built-in features and fixed furnishings create zones in the different spaces.

DETAIL Reader Prize 2012:

Platform of Arts and Creativity, Guimarães, Portugal

Pitágoras – Arquitectura e Engenharia Integradas, Lda
Building in Guimarães - DETAIL Reader Prize 2012
photograph : Joao Morgado
Platform of Arts and Creativity Guimarães

Project description:
The new building in the market square in Guimaraes, Portugal, Capital of Culture in 2012, was created by Pitágoras – Arquitectura e Engenharia Integradas, Lda, as a platform for art and creativity. As a result of the old city market’s transformation into a multi-functional public space, the square and surrounding buildings will be upgraded and regained as an active centre for the municipal area.

The concept for the new building and the design of the square is determined by the programme that envisages three main areas. Exhibitions and performances take place in the Art Center. In the form of creative labs, there are work rooms and offices for artists. An area for workshops and temporary actions supplement the programme.

Shops and businesses in the existing buildings on the east side enliven the scenario and are in line with the original function of the square. Analogous to the new use, the volume and surface of the new building starkly contrast with the surroundings. The serially arranged shops contrast with an irregularly structured, shiny metal construction. The copper facade made of metal rods is interrupted by glimmering glass surfaces and elements that mark the entrance areas.

DETAIL Prize 2012 Winner - Building in Guimarães
photograph : Joao Morgado

24 Aug 2012

DETAIL Prize 2012

DETAIL Prize 2012 – Readers and jury choose their favourites

The voting procedure for the DETAIL Prize, which honours outstanding architecture in all parts of the world, is now entering the decisive round. Architects from around 45 nations have taken advantage of the opportunity to submit a total of 589 projects from 50 different countries. In the first round, the DETAIL editorial team nominated 24 projects as a selection from the total number of submissions. Now, the DETAIL readers and the international jury are being asked to choose their favourites by 20 September 2012. There are two prizes to be awarded: the DETAIL Prize and the DETAIL Reader Prize. Every vote counts!

Munich, August 2012 – For this year’s DETAIL Prize 2012, DETAIL is again looking for high-quality architectural projects that convince through their innovative details within a coherent overall concept. Altogether, architects from 45 countries decided to take part and submitted their completed projects by 31 July 2012. Out of the 589 projects sent in, the DETAIL editorial team picked out the best ones.

Platform of Arts and Creativity, Guimarães – nominated for DETAIL Prize 2012:
Platforma Artes Guimarães Building - DETAIL Prize 2012 Winner
photograph : Jose Campos

From 20 August to 20 September 2012, all nominations will now be shown in the Internet at The DETAIL readers are able to vote once by clicking their favourite project. The project that has received the most clicks by 20 September 2012 will be awarded the Reader Prize.

At the same time, the international jury, consisting of David Chipperfield, Odile Decq, Norman Foster, Jürgen Mayer H., Richard Meier, Volker Staab and Graham Stirk, will assess all the nominations from a professional point of view. They will then pick the winner of the DETAIL Prize 2012.

The results of the competition will be published on the DETAIL website in November 2012 as well as in the DETAIL magazine. The two winners will also be honoured in the framework of the prize awards ceremony in Berlin on 22 November 2012. In the capital, the prize winners will meet well-known personalities from the international architecture and culture scene as well as from the areas of research, politics and industry.

The aim of the prize is to enhance the importance of architecture in social discourse, to strengthen the role of architects in public life and to reinforce the network of architects, industry, clients and politics. DETAIL are extremely pleased that these goals support the BAU 2013 world expo as the joint organiser with DETAIL, on the one hand, and the company Josef Gartner, on the other. You can also take part in this dialogue by choosing your favourites for the DETAIL Reader Prize.

DETAIL Prize – Nominated Projects 2012

DETAIL Prize 2012 Shortlist
adidas LACES
photo : Werner Huthmacher


– David Chipperfield, David Chipperfield Architects, London/Berlin/Milan/Shanghai
– Odile Decq, Odile Decq Benoît Cornette architectes urbanistes, Paris
– Norman Foster, Foster + Partners, London/Abu Dhabi/Hong Kong/Madrid/New York
– Jürgen Mayer H., Jürgen Mayer H. Architekten, Berlin
– Richard Meier, Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP, New York/Los Angeles
– Volker Staab, Staab Architekten, Berlin
– Graham Stirk, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, London/Madrid/Sydney/Shanghai

All the competition details can be obtained at

Location: Munich, Bavaria, South Germany

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