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Optica Lazzarini in Villa Carlos Paz

28 Mar 2020

Lazzarini Optics

Architects: Castellino Arquitectos

Location: Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

Optica Lazzarini Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba

The Lazzarini Optics is located in a renovated downtown area in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina. The design process begins with four important premises at the customer’s request, it was proposed that the entire local becomes the shop window, having good lighting as a key element, that the people who go through the window are invited to enter by the design and the last as most significant was to change the traditional concept of the optics in the city, in consideration that it is in a process of constant growth.

Optica Lazzarini Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba Optica Lazzarini Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba

After several investigations, three fundamental points were also taken into account, just like the spotlight had to be on the glasses, that the optics still has to be a sanitary area, and therefore it was necessary to succeed in transmitting or communicating certain attributes inherent to the area, and the last one was not to miss the concept and design it for people.

Optica Lazzarini Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba Optica Lazzarini Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba

The program’s resolution retained three “hard” and immovable sectors, the cash register area, the workshop area and the contact lens cabinet area, the rest were storage and display spaces. Therefore it was proposed a facade absolutely devoid of ornamentation, we worked with a categorical cleaning, in this way we avoid obstacles to the interior. The color White took place, color that gives purity and cleanliness and at the same time enhances what is really important, “the product”.

This is matched by the smooth curves of the suspended display shelves giving a distinctive and elegant touch. By the longitudinal arrangement of the curved on different levels and the organically shaped counter. the premises are open to the public allowing access and free movement of a unique space. A discontinued “white ribbon” was laid out on six different levels, the first four destined for exhibition of our protagonists and the last two that finish in height are transformed into cornices and dematerialized parts of the ceiling.

With a careful lighting project and almost like a ludic tour, is the one posed by the six ducts of general lighting of the optics, resolved with rolled sheet and with lengths that vary from 3.00 m to 3.80 m. while the ribbons have continuous strips of warm colored LEDs generating “something special” in the environment. The Lazzarini Optics stands out for the delicacy that its uniformity confers on it, and the well-being that is transmitted by experiencing the space.

Optica Lazzarini Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba

Optica Lazzarini in Córdoba – Building Information

Architecture Office: Castellino Arquitectos
Architect in Charge: Architect Castellino Dario
Clients: Lazzarini Nicolás
Collaborators: Arch. Palmili Florence – Lic. Tuci Jesica – Arch. Ricci Carola
Office Country: Argentina

Construction completion year: 2019
Constructed area: 106.74 sqm
Location: Villa Carlos Paz – Argentina

Optica Lazzarini Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba

Photographer: Architect Gonzalo Viramonte

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Location: Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba Shop, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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