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post updated 19 Apr 2021

Isay Weinfeld Architects News

Isay Weinfeld Architects – Recent Building

5 Oct 2012
Fazenda Boa Vista Golf Clubhouse, Bananal, State of São Paulo, Brazil
Design: Isay Weinfeld
Fazenda Boa Vista Golf Clubhouse design by Isay Weinfeld São Paulo Architects
photograph from FTI
Fazenda Boa Vista Golf Clubhouse

WAF Awards 2012 – Sport category winner

Isay Weinfeld – Major Building

Las Piedras Fasano, Punta del Este, southern Uruguay
Punta del Este Building design by Isay Weinfeld
photograph from architects
Las Piedras Fasano
Las Piedras Fasano is a hospitality complex in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It combines private homes, hotel bungalows and other amenities – spa, equestrian center, golf and polo fields and a 3-km beach stretch on the riverside of Arroyo Maldonado – spreading across vast 480 hectares dominated by a dramatic and dazzling landscape: arid, rocky, with sparse low vegetation.

Isay Weinfeld arquiteto – Key Projects

Square Nine Hotel, Belgrade
Belgrade Hotel Building design by Isay Weinfeld
photo © Matthieu Salvaing –
Belgrade Hotel Building
Square Nine Hotel is located in Belgrade’s pretty old-town neighbourhood Stari Grad, only a few blocks away from the Kalamegdan Park and the Danube, and just across from Students Square (Studentski Trg). Its architecture, of remarkably modern language, does not clash with or overshadow its neighbouring buildings’. Just the contrary: it follows their scale, the rhythm of their façades (set by the modulation of the openings) and even the moderate hues of their color palette.

Numero Bar, Jardins, São Paulo, southern Brazil
Numero Bar
image : Leonardo Finotti
Numero Bar
This design was built on a very narrow and long strip of land in the Jardins area, in São Paulo. A walkway runs from the street through a hallway/tunnel fully covered in mirrors, leading to the main hall. At the Numero bar entrance, the ceiling is extremely low and the view of the hall – cascaded – is unimpeded. Progressing towards the back, the height gradually increases: descending levels feature comfortable lounging areas, under a ceiling that extends on a continually rising surface.

Villas Fasano, Porto Feliz, southern Brazil
Villas Fasano
photo : Leonardo Finotti
Villas Fasano
This development comprises 45 houses and is located in the 750-hectare Fazenda Boa Vista housing and hospitality complex in Porto Feliz, 100 km away from the city of São Paulo, in Brazil. The houses, set side-by-side along two major parallel axes, open all onto a large common use and shared garden.

Image and Audio Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – competition entry
Diller Scofidio + Renfro win
Museu da Imagen e de Som
picture from Client
Museu da Imagen e de Som

More designs by Isay Weinfeld online soon

Location: São Paulo, Brasil, South America

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Nubank Headquarter, corner of Rebouças Avenue / Capote Valente Street, Pinheiros neighborhood
Architecture: Dal Pian Arquitetos
Nubank Headquarter SP
photo : Nelson Kon
Nubank Headquarter Office Building

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