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Giuseppe Terragni : Architecture Information

20th Century Italian Architect Practice – Modern movement – Rationalism.

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Giuseppe Terragni – Key Projects

This 20th Century Italian architect’s most well known building is the Casa del Fascio in Como, northern Italy:

Casa del Fascio in Como by Giuseppe Terragni architect
photograph : Giuseppe Albano, CC BY-SA 3.0 IT , via Wikimedia Commons

Key Buildings

Casa del Fascio, Como, Italy
Date built: 1932-34/36

Giuliani-Frigerio Apartments, Italy
Date built: 1939-40

Sant’Elia Nursery School, Italy
Date built: 1936-37

More 20th Century Italian design projects online soon

Location: Lombardy, Italy, southern Europe

Giuseppe Terragni Architect Practice Information

Giuseppe Terragni Architect
Dates 1904-43

Italian Architects

A pioneer of the modern movement in Italy, the architect produced some of its most significant buildings. A founding member of the fascist Gruppo 7 and a leading Italian Rationalist, the architect fought to move architecture away from neo-classical and neo-baroque revivalism. In 1926 he and other progressive members of Gruppo 7 issued the manifesto that made them the leaders in the fight against revivalism.

In a career that lasted only 13 years, the architect created a small but remarkable group of designs; most of them were built in Como, which was one of the centers of the Modern Movement in Italy. These works form the nucleus of the language of Italian rationalist or modernistic architecture. The architect was also one of the leaders of the artistic group called “astrattisti comaschi” with Mario Radice and Manlio Rho, one of the most important events in Italian Modern Art. He also contributed to the 1932 Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution.

In his last designs, the architect achieved a more distinctive Mediterranean character through the fusion of modern theory and tradition. He died of thrombosis in Como in 1943. source: wikipedia

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Como Building

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City of Sun, near Via della Lega Lombarda & Tiburtina Station, East Rome
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City of Sun Rome Architecture News
photograph : Marco Cappelletti
City of Sun in Rome

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Italian Rationalist building – Gioventù Italiana Littoria, Rome by Luigi Moretti
Italian Rationalist building
photograph © Adrian Welch

Piazza Augusteo, Rome by V. Ballio-Morpugo
Piazza Augusteo buildings
photograph © Adrian Welch
Piazza Augusteo buildings

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