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19 August 2021

AART Architects News

AART Architects Design News

19 Aug 2021
Strandbakkehuset Hospice, Rønde, Jutland, Denmark
Jutland Healthcare building design by AART Architects
photo : Kontraframe
Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde
The Danish architecture practice AART has designed the new children and youth hospice in Rønde, Strandbakkehuset, as the first newly built hospice of its kind in Denmark – with the overall aim of providing space for life, play and alleviation, thereby offering a vital home for the children, youths and their families in a vulnerable time of their lives.

26 Oct 2020
Strängnäs Cathedral Building Renewal, Strängnäs, just west of Stockholm, Sweden
Design: AART Architects
Strängnäs Cathedral building by AART Architects Denmark
image courtesy of architects
Strängnäs Cathedral Building
For more than 1,000 years the Strängnäs Cathedral have been a nerve centre of religion and culture in Sweden. Now AART, together with Swedish practice Bach Architects as sub-consultants, add a new chapter to the historical cathedral and its surrounding area.

12 Oct 2020
Viby Syd office & community centre, Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark
Design: AART, Architects with LYTT Architecture (landscape architect) and Moe
Viby Syd office and community centre, Aarhus
image from architect
Viby Syd office & community centre
The Danish practice AART has won the competition to design the new office and community centre in the district of Viby Syd in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus. From a disadvantaged to a mixed district, Viby Syd is well on its way to become an attractive area to live and work.

24 Jan 2018
Home for Life, Lystrup, Aarhus Municipality, Denmark
Home for Life in Lystrup design by AART Architects
photograph : Adam Mørk
Home for Life, Denmark
Home for Life is designed as the world’s first Active House and is the result of an interdisciplinary development process. The sustainable single-family house is a CO2 neutral demonstration project and is designed to produce more energy than it consumes.

4 Aug 2017
Pop-up Train Carriages in Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark
Pop-up Train Carriages in Aarhus by AART Architects
image from architect
Pop-up Train Carriages in Aarhus by AART Architects
With the ambition of injecting renewed life into the area, they have exposed the old railways and designed pop-up train carriages, which will provide the setting for a wide array of activities for the remainder of 2017, ranging from a single-room hotel, to a public greenhouse and boutiques for lifestyle brands and even polling booths.

4 Aug 2017
Nicolinehus Aarhus Ø, Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark
Nicolinehus Aarhus Ø buildings by AART
image from architect
Nicolinehus Aarhus Ø
Nicolinehus is a new mixed-use development in the heart of Aarhus Ø – shaped by the pulse of the city centre and merging with life on the waterfront. The aim is to inject life and authenticity into the new harbour district and to pave the way for the unique opportunities the setting provides – out there where the city encounters the bay.

1 Jun 2017
National Rowing Stadium, Bagsvaerd, Copenhagen, Denmark
Design: AART architects – Sub-consultants include: E+E Arkitekter (co-architect) and LIW Planning (landscape architect)
National Rowing Stadium  design by AART Architects
image from architect
National Rowing Stadium Bagsvaerd
Denmark’s Rowing Stadium at Bagsværd Lake fulfils the vision of creating a rowing stadium in an international league of its own. Beautifully situated with water and forest on all sides, it is a place that accommodates both the elite and the broader public.

19 Jan 2012
Campus Park Skara, Sweden
Design: AART architects + Schonherr Landscape
Campus Park Skara, Swedish Design Competition
picture © AART architects / Schonherr Landscape
art arkitekter design
AART architects and Schonherr Landscape have won the competition for the new Campus Park Skara in Sweden, including a 10,000m2 school and a 49 acre green park. Skara Municipality has appointed AART architects and Schonherr Landscape as the winning team to carry on the city’s proud school tradition by designing the new Campus Park Skara located in the heart of the city.

AART Architects – Recent Design

Inspiria Science Centre, Graalum, near Sarpsborg, Norway
Design: AART architects
Inspiria Science Centre
image from architects
Inspiria Science Centre : Norwegian building
Danish architects inaugurate visionary science centre. Inspiria Science Centre is designed as one of the most advanced science centres in Northern Europe and is part of a long-term plan to make knowledge the most important asset of the Østfold Region in Norway.

AART Architects – Recent Designs

The Culture Yard, Helsingør, Sjælland, Danmark
Elsinore building
photo from architects
Culture Yard Elsinore

Hospital DNV, Denmark
Design: CuraVita – AART architects, Arkitema, NSW, Grontmij, Moe & Brødsgaard, Arup og Hospitalitet
Hospital DNV
image : CuraVita
Hospital DNV
The Danish consortium CuraVita has been appointed as winner of the visionary competition for the hospital DNV in Denmark.
The proposal by the Danish consortium CuraVita, consisting of AART architects, Arkitema, NSW, Grontmij, Moe & Brødsgaard, Arup og Hospitalitet, has been appointed as winner of the visionary competition for the new hospital DNV in Denmark.

Skagen Skipperskole, Nautical School of the Century, Jutland, Denmark
Nautical School of the Century
image from architect
Skagen Skipperskole
A new nautical education facility for Skagen Skipperskole, Skagen, Denmark
Type: 1st prize in open competition

aart – Key Projects

Buildings / Projects by aart arkitekter, alphabetical:

Bikuben Student Residence, Ørestad North, Copenhagen, Denmark
Bikuben Kollegiet
photograph – Torben Eskerod
Bikuben Student Residence

Church Centre, Hinnerup, nr Århus, Jylland, Danmark
Architecture competition – first prize

Community Centre, Jyllinge, Gundsø, Sjælland, Danmark
Closed idea competition winner

The Culture Yard, Helsingør, Sjælland, Danmark

FDF Outdoor Centre Sletten, Danmark
Mies van der Rohe Award – Nominated

Five villas in Aabyen, Grenaa, nr Århus, Jylland, Danmark

Hannemannsparken, Ørestad South : master plan for 85,000sqm
Building site 34-36
Competing architect teams:
team 1: aart a/s and Hvidt&Mølgaard A/S
team 2: KHR A/S and Shigeru Ban (Japan)
team 3: 3xNielsen A/S and Force 4
team 4: hs ark and MVRDV (Holland)

Sami Parliament, Kiruna, Sweden
aart shortlisted with five other architects – 111 entries

Site 9 – Ørestad South, København, Danmark
17,500sqm site in Ørestaden

More architecture projects by aart online soon

Location: Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark, northern Europe

aart arkitekter Practice Information

aart a/s Arkitekter MAA office based in Århus, Danmark

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AART Architects was founded in 2000 by the Danish architects Anders Strange, Anders Tyrrestrup and Torben Skovbjerg Larsen.

AART Architects’ headquarter is located in Aarhus, Denmark, and the studio employs 45 architects and has made its mark internationally in 1st prize competition projects such as Østfold Hospital and Østfold Science Center in Norway as well as notable Danish projects such as The Culture Yard in Elsinore, VUC Headquarter in Haderslev, Bikuben Student Residence in Copenhagen and the “Mies van der Rohe Award”-nominated Outdoor Center Sletten in Ry.

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