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Isabelle Lomholt and Adrian Welch:
Isabelle Lomholt and Adrian Welch


The e-architect resource has over 43,000 pages of architectural information + building news. We passed the 30k mark in October 2020. features building news, events, competitions, photos, jobs, awards and products. We feature a range of building types from houses to skyscrapers, plus major landscape and interior projects.

We don’t just carry news, i.e. we are not an online magazine: on e-architect buildings can be searched by country, city and type.


About us – this architectural website is run by Isabelle Lomholt + Adrian Welch.

Isabelle Lomholt BSC (Hons) – Managing Director and Editor

Isabelle Lomholt - About us


If you prefer to contact e-architect in Danish please call / e-mail Isabelle

Isabelle Lomholt was born in Bath, England, and attended school in Denmark from 1974 to 1987. She completed her Architecture degree in 1995, attending North London University.

After a year-out working as an architectural assistant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Isabelle attended East London University from 1996, where she did a MA / Diploma in Architecture.

Adrian Welch B.Arch (Hons) ; Dip Arch ; ARB – Founding Editor

Adrian Welch founder of e-architect - About us


Adrian Welch was born in Kincardineshire, Scotland and attended school in Scotland from 1975 to 1989. He completed his Architecture degree in 1992, attending Manchester University.

After a year-out working as an architectural assistant in Manchester Adrian attended The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, from 1993 where he did a Diploma in Architecture.

He has worked for architects such as Eva Jiricna, Sir Terence Conran, Richard Murphy, RMJM and Sutherland Hussey – in London, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cambridge, Kuwait and Dubai, including working as one of the three Project Interior Architects on the Stirling Prize-winning Scottish Parliament Building by EMBT/RMJM.

Adrian is the founder of e-architect and our three related architecture websites.

Adrian Welch Biography

Georgina Gray

Georgina Gray

Georgina grew up in Dumfries and Galloway living on her family’s dairy farm. She graduated from Newcastle University in 2018 with a BSc in Oral and Dental Health Sciences.

During the pandemic, Georgina decided to retrain as a Nurse and completed her master’s at Northumbria University in January 2023. When she has not got a broken leg she likes to be active, playing golf and plenty of walks with her dog Max.

Daniel Lomholt-Welch

Daniel Lomholt-Welch UK

Daniel grew up in Haddington, East Lothian, before studying architecture at the University of Edinburgh. He is currently in the final year of studying for a masters.

He is especially interested in studying sacred space within modernist architecture. Daniel has travelled extensively, with a keen eye for architectural gems along the way.


After starting in Edinburgh in 2000 this online architecture resource is now one of the top globally in terms of traffic plus number of pages and images ranked. e-architect was registered on 13 Nov 1999 (per our WHOIS records).

Adrian Welch:
Adrian Welch e-architect founder & joint editor - About us

e-architect is one of the world’s largest architecture websites. e-architect is run by Adrian Welch and Isabelle Lomholt. Adrian and Isabelle both trained as architects but their strong interest in architecture led them to focus their energies on an online architectural resource rather than practicing.

The principal website is but the first website was set up in 2000 followed by two years later, and e-architect in early 2006. The initial concept was to provide information on new buildings that would be helpful for not just local architects but a wide range of locals and tourists. Over time as connections were made this successful model was expanded and now includes all major cities in the world.

The principal difference between e-architect and other architecture sites is that we don’t just carry news: on e-architect buildings can be searched by country, city, type or by architect. For example you could find information on Wembley Stadium via our England, London, Football Stadium or Foster + Partners pages. features building news, events, competitions, photos, jobs, awards and products. We feature a full range of building types from homes to offices, landscape design to interior design.

To give an idea of range we cover buildings from the USA to Papua New Guinea and from China to the Faroe Islands.

e-architect also has facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, instagram, tumblr and pinterest pages.

We also run architecture tours across the world, starting in 2000, now with over 80 cities offered. Our clients are mostly architects offices on annual trips. Tours are tailor-made for groups, we don’t have daily walks or allow individuals to join tours.

Our policy is to focus on getting regular news about the most interesting buildings and on building up a useful, wide-ranging architectural resource. The news is updated daily 7 days a week. e-architect has around 2,200 pages on architects.

West 57th Street Building New York entry - About us
photo © Adrian Welch


Of course we have strong views on architecture, but our policy is to focus on getting regular news about the most interesting buildings and on building up a useful, wide-ranging architectural resource.

We select projects that interest us. So we might cover an intriguing house design but not a major commercial development. We show buildings sometimes that are stimulating even though we may not like the project. We aren’t here to promote any specific style or approach to architecture, we show an eclectic range of work that read over time builds up a picture of current architectural status and direction.

We try and maximise the visual aspect of architecture. Architects tend to be highly visual people and we try and show many images for each project, it is not always possible to do this depending on our sources, but the intention is always there. We have a house style for image processing and for text presentation, but again we sometimes can’t access the raw materials to make this happen consistently.

But back to views and agenda. We both trained as architects in different universities and have views that sometimes differ. We have expressed these since 2000 via numerous articles in other press, lectures and of course online at e-architect. Some links below show a small selection of these.

e-architect Editor Adrian Welch meeting Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister of Israel and joint winner of the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize:
Shimon Peres
photo courtesy of vibe israel

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