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Contemporary Architectural Developments in The Netherlands: Dutch Built Environment

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Utrecht Building News

4 Nov 2022
Bovenbouwwerkplaats, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Design: Studioninedots
Bovenbouwwerkplaats Utrecht Building
photograph : Sebastian van Damme
Bovenbouwwerkplaats Utrecht Building
Studioninedots proudly presents Bovenbouwwerkplaats, the large-scale transformation of the former Dutch Railways workshop building in Utrecht. The impressive workshop building – in which heavy elements for the Dutch railways were manufactured – was built in 1905.

19 May 2022
Consortium De Pleinmakers Wins Design Contract For The Culture Heart Berlin Square

Location: Berlijnplein, Leidsche Rijn neighbourhood, west of Utrecht

Berlijnplein, Leidsche Rijn neighbourhood, west Utrecht Architecture News

The design combination of bureau SLA, Inbo, Overtreders W, Woonpioniers and Boom Landscape won the design assignment for a new cultural heart on Berlijnplein in Utrecht Leidse Rijn, united in the “De Pleinmakers” consortium.

Berlijnplein, Leidsche Rijn neighbourhood, Utrecht Architecture News

On May 18, the municipality and the Pleinmakers signed the cooperation agreement. De Pleinmakers will be led by Vink Bouw.

Vink Bouw will be responsible for the construction and management of the buildings and the outdoor areas. The municipality of Utrecht is investing 45.2 million euros in the cultural heart of Berlin Square. Berlijnplein is an initiative of the municipality of Utrecht, in collaboration with RAUM, De Plaatsmaker, Kanaal30 and the Utrecht School of Arts.

Berlijnplein, Leidsche Rijn Utrecht building design

The cultural heart will allow for exhibition and presentation spaces, studios for dance, theater and music, workshops, catering and workshops for education and the creative industry.

25 Mar 2021
Block 8 for Merwede
Block 8 for Merwede Utrecht

6 Oct 2020
The Rock: A new residential tower
Design: LIAG architecten en bouwadviseurs
Rock Utrecht residential tower
photograph © Ronald Tilleman
Rock Utrecht residential tower
Rock is the eye-catcher of the transformation of the former Oudenrijn hospital site from the 1960s. A lively youth campus has been built here.

3 July 2020
Het Platform Community Building
Architects: VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism
Het Platform Community Building Utrecht Architecture News
photograph : Ossip van Duivenbode
Het Platform Community Building in Utrecht
Het Platform, a mixed-use community building right next to Utrecht Central station, was recently completed and all new residents have moved in. The building combines 201 rental apartments with a large number of collective facilities, including a bike parking, commercial spaces for fitness and a restaurant, and many “sticky spaces” for social encounters.

7 Apr 2020
State Office de Knoop
Architects: Fokkema & Partners Architecten
State Office de Knoop Utrecht The Netherlands
photograph : René de Wit
State Office de Knoop in Utrecht
The former ‘Lieutenant General Knoop Kazerne’ has been transformed into State Office de Knoop, a contemporary office building with additional representation as a central meeting hub for all Dutch Central Government Ministries.

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Utrecht Architecture News 2019

22 Apr 2019
Barnhouse Werkhoven
Design: Ruud Visser Architects
Barnhouse Werkhoven near Utrecht
photograph : René de Wit
Barnhouse Werkhoven Building
On the verge of the Dutch village Werkhoven, a new residential area has been realised with building-plots. At this location our clients bought a plot on an angling. Other plots are rectangularly shaped.

24 Mar 2019
Bunnik House
Architects: O2 Studio
Bunnik House Utrecht architecture news
photo : Ossip
Bunnik House
O2 has renovated and extended a new floor to an existing doctor’s house from the early ’60 in Bunnik, the Netherlands. Sustanaible materials and energy consumption were key elements in the design.

20 Mar 2019
The Princess Máxima Center
Design: MMEK’
The Princess Maxima Center
photography : Ewout Huibers
The Princess Máxima Center
All aspects of the new center have been designed based on a single philosophy and are devoted to development-centred healthcare. The Science Discovery Center, the Building site and the Park all form part of a seamless concept and contribute to a stimulating environment centred on children and their ongoing development.

14 Mar 2019
Wonderwoods Towers
Design: Stefano Boeri Architetti and MVSA Architects
Wonderwoods Towers
image : A2 Studio
Wonderwoods Towers
The concept is Happiness 2.0 and focuses on bringing nature back into the city to achieve a healthier quality of life. On behalf of the consortium, architecture offices Stefano Boeri Architetti and MVSA Architects signed up for the plan.

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Utrecht Architecture News 2018

12 Jul 2018
Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District
Architects: Mecanoo architecten
Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District Utrecht architecture news
image courtesy of architecture office
Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District Utrecht
The masterplan for this new residential neighbourhood with 2,600 homes, a large central park, a school, a supermarket, catering and various other facilities is inspired by a scientific theory about areas around the world where people live longer, healthier and happier lives, the so-called blue zones.

18 May 2018
state office de knoop, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Architects: cepezed
state office de knoop, Utrecht architecture news
photo : lucas van der wee | cepezed
state office de knoop
The former Knoop military station in the city centre of Utrecht, formerly the headquarters of the Dutch land forces, will be redeveloped into a combined state office and meeting complex over the coming years.

11 May 2018
The Green House
Architects: cepezed
The Green House Utrecht Architecture News
photo : the green house by lucas van der wee | cepezed
The Green House in Utrecht
In the centre of Utrecht one of the most circular projects at this moment has opened: The Green House. This temporary pavilion offers space for a restaurant with its own urban farm, and meeting facilities.

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Randstad Conurbation Architectural Updates 2016 to 2017

13 Sep 2017
Looping Towers, Maarssen
Architects: Peter Pichler Architecture
Looping Towers Utrecht architecture news
visualisation : Visualarch
Looping Towers in Utrecht
Peter Pichler Architecture won an international invited competition for the design of a new residential tower complex of 35.000 sqm in Maarssen, Netherlands.

11 Aug 2017
De Verkenner Residential Tower
Design: Mei architects and planners
De Verkenner Utrecht Residential Tower
photo : Jeroen Musch
De Verkenner Utrecht Residential Tower
Residential tower ‘De Verkenner’ in Utrecht (NL) gives a big impetus to the development of the typical post-war reconstruction district Kanaleneiland. The 50-metre-tall building, with a mixed programme of housing, acts as a gatekeeper to this area.

4 Jun 2017
Rietveld Schröder House, Prins Hendriklaan 50
Design: Architect Gerrit Rietveld
Rietveld Schröder House Utrecht Architecture News | www.e-architect.com
image courtesy of design contest organiser
Rietveld Schröder House Utrecht
Design Contest in Holland – the famous Schroeder House by Gerrit Rietveld architect was not built in 1917, that is, 100 years ago, thus it is not its centennial. But being that arguably it is the most “De Stijl” house that was built, we feel that it would be appropriate to commemorate it on the occasion of De Stijl’s centennial.

24 Feb 2017
Moreelsebrug Utrecht
Design: cepezed
Moreelsebrug Utrecht architecture news
photos © Jannes Linders cepezed
Moreelsebrug Utrecht
The Station district in Utrecht has been undergoing a real metamorphosis since some years. Between all the new buildings, conversions and renovations, the Moreelsebrug has also been realized recently.

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NS-Railway Yard Mixed-Use Development
Design: DELVA Landscape Architects, Studioninedots and Skonk
NS-Railway Yard Utrecht architecture news
image courtesy of architects
NS-Railway Yard Mixed-Use Development
Team ‘Wisselspoor’ wins the tender for the transformation of the former industrial area of the NS in Utrecht. DELVA Landscape Architects, Studioninedots and Skonk present the master plan at the public presentation on June the 3rd, commissioned by Synchroon and ERA Contour.

8 Nov 2016
Recreation House
Design: Zecc Architecten
Recreation House in Utrecht
photograph : Stijn Poelstra
Recreation House
In the rural area north of Utrecht a compact ecreation house has been realized. The house is constructed in wood and opens its façade with window shutters towards the green garden. The design has been realized by a special collaboration between Zecc and interior designer Roel van Norel.

3 Nov 2016
Eden Soestdijk: experimental garden for a sustainable society
Design: Mecanoo architecten
Eden Soestdijk
image courtesy of architects
Eden Soestdijk Gardens in Utrecht
The Soestdijk Estate will be transformed into Eden Soestdijk; an experimental garden for a sustainable society and a paradise destination for all. That is the plan developed by the Eden Soestdijk foundation, Mecanoo architecten, Kossmann.dejong and Royal HaskoningDHV in response to the redevelopment competition for the Palace organised by the Dutch government.

27 Oct 2016
Pandora: Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht Building
Building Design: architectuurstudio HH, by Patrick Fransen and Herman Hertzberger
Individual Halls Design: aTA, Jo Coenen and NL ; architectuurstudio HH also was responsible for the chamber music hall
Pandora Tivoli Vredenburg
photo : Luuk Kramer
Tivoli Vredenburg Building
The so-called Muziekpaleis (now called Tivoli Vredenburg) is a spectacular endeavour. When we first learnt about the project we could hardly believe its radicality. The project is part of the renovation of the station area.

11 Oct 2016
House of Rolf
Design: Rolf Bruggink in collaboration with Niek Wagemans
House of Rolf
photography: Christel Derksen & Rolf Brugginkn
House of Rolf in Utrecht
An ambitious transformation of a late 19th century coach house into a spectacular home and workspace. Aall the materials used to carry out this transformation originated from a demolished office building that was located next to the coach house.

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