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Divinatio Utrecht fish restaurant

Utrecht restaurant, The Netherlands design by 123DV architects

1 Feb 2010

Divinatio restaurant

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Design: 123DV architecture – now Liong Lie Architects*

Fish restaurant Divinatio is located at the historical harbour of Utrecht, The Netherlands. The objective was to realize a restaurant with a maritime feel for the upper segment of the market.

Divinatio restaurant Utrecht

The building is designed to be functional. The contrasts – rough on the outside and smooth on the inside – have been translated in the design. The interior has to appeal to a broad and contemporary group, without discouraging the more traditional public.

Divinatio restaurant Utrecht

The visibility lines create oversight and views and the niches create a feeling of intimacy. When choosing the materials, Liong Lie (the architect) took both the visual as tangible effects into account. Leather, blue glass and Corian® have been used in the design.

Divinatio restaurant Utrecht

The open kitchen is framed in white Corian® and has a dark back wall which creates the illusion of cooks standing in a theatre.

Divinatio restaurant Utrecht

The walls have been covered with an acoustic clay plaster that has a mother of pearl effect which shimmers in the sunlight.

Divinatio restaurant Utrecht

The ceiling is made out of tufted leather panels to improve the acoustics. The chandelier appears to be rotating by the computerized lighting that increases and decreases in strength. A reference to a light house. At night the curiosity of the passerby is raised by the big illuminated glass bay window.

Divinatio restaurant Utrecht

Divinatio restaurant Utrecht – Building Information

Location: Veilinghavenkade 14, 3521 AK Utrecht, The Netherlands
Entrepreneurs: Grand Catering
Design: Sluijmer & van Leeuwen Architects with interior designers 123DV architecture
Finishing: Brandwacht & Meijer
Photographs: Christiaan de Bruijne
Contact: 030 2941226 / www.Divinatio.nl
Award: Winner of Venuez Best Restaurant Design 2008

*123DV architecture & consult has been split into 123DV Modern Villas and Liong Lie Architects

Divinatio restaurant Utrecht images / information from 123DV architecture & consult

Location: Veilinghavenkade 14, 3521 AK Utrecht, The Netherlands

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