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House 24 Singapore Property

New Luxury Home in Southeast Asia design by Park + Associates Pte Ltd

30 Aug 2017

House 24 Residential Architecture

Design: Park + Associates Pte Ltd

Location: Singapore

House 24 Singapore Property News

In a usual circumstance, the front of the house is the most important – not in this case. House 24 is sited on a triangular plot, a constraint that the architects took on as an opportunity to engage with the siting and planning of the house – to achieve a meaningful footprint that actualised the client’s spatial, functional, and privacy requirement. Moreover, the site adjoins a lushly landscaped state land that Park + Associates endeavoured to take advantage of at every available opportunity and every habitable space.

House 24 by architect Lim Koon Park in Singapore

The courtyard screen fronting the street was an opportunity to explore what timber craftsmanship might mean in contemporary architecture, and Park + Associates envisioned the screen to be a well-crafted element with modern aesthetic and detailing. It eventually manifested itself as a refined and rhythmic facade. A delightful pattern of light and shadow plays out over the course of each day creating a relaxing ambience that reinforces the client’s desire to live in a home that reflected its tropical locality.

House 24 Singapore Property

A row of full-height sliding doors along the first-floor corridor opens up to the swimming pool, which helps to passively cool down the air flowing into spaces within. On the second and attic floors, living and sleeping spaces are lined up and tucked along the east side, avoiding the harsh afternoon sun. A series of timber screens line the west-facing walkway on the second floor to protect it from the direct and harsh tropical sunlight. These timber screens become an architectural feature from the outside as a timber box insertion between the first and third storeys.

House 24 Singapore Property

The project started in 2013 and was completed on 1 January 2016, it is a house situated in Singapore.

House 24 Singapore Property

Natural stone, including Roman travertine, G654 grey granite, Shanxi Black granite – Granite look-alike homogenous tiles – American Walnut timber flooring – American Walnut mixed crown and quarter cut veneer on feature walls – Accoya acetylated wood for external cladding and decking, and courtyard screen – Hot dipped galvanised & spray painted mild steel structure & cladding – Pebble wash external walls on first-storey

GFA: 715 square metres.

House 24 Singapore Property

The courtyard screen fronting the street is an exercise in rethinking the conventional entry sequence of residential dwellings, and an exploration in creating a more layered and sequential experience. It is experienced almost as a ritual space – serene and tranquil – marking the transition between the public and private.

House 24 is sited on a triangular plot of land, which after the necessary setback requirements, presented itself as quite the constraint. The architects took on this constraint as an opportunity to think about the siting and planning of the house – to achieve a meaningful footprint that would be able to meet the spatial and functional requirement given by the clients, who has three growing children. This became one of the main drivers throughout the design and construction process.

Design Team Members:
Lim Koon Park, Christina Thean, Jeeraporn Prongsuriya, Wong Zi Xin and Mutiara Herawati

Photographs: Edward Hendricks © Park + Associates Pte Ltd

House 24 Residential Architecture by Park + Associates Pte Ltd is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2016-17.

Park + Associates seeks to create coherent spaces where function and beauty speak a common language. For the firm, the dialogue of architectural elements shapes a space, takes it beyond its everyday, functional character. It is with this ethos that Park + Associates pursues a vision of architecture as a fundamental articulation of space and form, through which beauty and purity can be discovered. The firm’s strategy is one of subtraction and control to preserve the necessary simplicity of spaces.

Each project is undertaken with a rigorous eye for detail, placement and materials, with an artistic sensitivity to the “intangibles” of light, space and form. Charting a journey for the user in an unique space; creating sophisticated spaces that inspire, invigorate, and refine the senses – that is what Park + Associates sets out to achieve. In tandem with its explorations of spaces, the firm remains sensitive to environmental concerns, seeking to appropriate eco-friendly materials and strategies into each project.

Location: Singapore


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