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Jaurès Petit Paris Apartments

23 Oct 2020

Jaurès Petit Apartments

Design: Archi5

Construction of apartments for first-time buyers and social housing

Address: Avenue Jaurès, Paris XIXe, Paris, France

Jaurès Petit housing construction

Jaurès Petit Paris Apartments Design

Located on a plot in the heart of a city block occupied by a 9-story parking garage, the project includes two parts: one of 75 apartments for first-time buyers and another of 74 units of social housing. The building with the social housing has a wooden structure whereas the one for buyers conserves the pre-existing concrete structure. The new apartments face east-west. Two broad lateral corridors enable a full-scale greening of the site.

Jaurès Petit Paris apartments building

In addition to the quality of the new apartments, the project is aimed at improving the existing built environment, creating harmony and balance between the new and original inhabitants of the site. The building’s footprint, perpendicular to the older building offers broad perspectives.

Jaurès Petit Paris housing construction

The wooden building on the Jaurès side, displays a visible wooden grid, replicating aesthetic conventions of the older built environment and its visible framework has been transformed into the supporting structure of the balconies. With the strong commitment to preservation and compliance with HQE construction, this project contributes ethical, sustainable and quality architecture to its location. Wood ensures the building’s passive environmental qualities while giving it a warm and visually enhanced appearance.

Jaurès Petit Paris housing

Jaurès Petit Housing – Building Information

Client: Paris Habitat OPH & Emerige
Architects: archi5 / Encore Heureux architectes
General building company: GTM & Arbonis
Program: 75 social housing units (car park rehabilitation), 74 social housing units (wooden structure) and commercial space
Address: Avenue Jaurès, Paris XIXe

Surface areas:
Social housing 4,402 sq mt
Housing 4,229 sq mt

Social housing €11,591,576 excl. VAT
Housing €14,459,579 excl. VAT

Competition won in 2016
Delivery in 2021

Jaurès Petit Paris Housing images / information from archi5

Location: Avenue Jaurès, Paris XIXe, France, north western Europe

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