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Lookout tower house, Uaymitun, Yucatán

Mexican Architectural Project design by PLUG architecture, Mexico

9 Aug 2010

Lookout tower house, Yucatán

Location: Uaymitun, Mexico

Architect: PLUG architecture, Merida, Mexico

Photographs: Román Cordero – PLUG architecture

Located in Uaymitun, Yucatán, Mexico, The “lookout tower house” is the first house within a set of summer villas in a lot that is placed between the sea and the “ciénega” (swamp).

Lookout tower house Lookout tower house Uaymitun

Its position responds to three fundamental aspects for the conservation of the environment, today not considered in the intervention of the mexican coastal strip.

1. To occupy the minimal land built surface.

2. The respect of the necessary distance to conserve intact the coastal dune, and

3. To establish a surrounding connection with the landscape. (the sea, the swamp, the dusk, the dawn, the sky, etc.)

As response to these premises, we propose a compact vertical low cost system, with a rectangular plant of 6.50×6.50m with different possibilities for future expansion that preserves in all cases a lookout terrace.

The architectonic program establishes clearly its relation with the outside. Not only in the selection of materials (that resists hurricane impacts), but also, in the care of the position of the windows with respect to the direction of the sun.

In ground floor is located the zone of contact between the public program and the sand surface, the rest area in the first level and in the second level the lookout terrace that makes a connection with the landscape in height.

This connection puts in manifesto the importance of the surroundings like essential aspect in the beach house subject, experimenting another way the moments of rest, and escape of the city. A refuge that improves the experience to live in the sea.

Location: Uaymitun, Mexico, North America

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