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Vauxhall Tower, London

St George Wharf Building Development, UK – design by Broadway Malyan, Architects

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Vauxhall Tower London

St George Wharf, southwest London, England
Design: Broadway Malyan

St George Wharf tower Vauxhall
photos © Nick Weall

Vauxhall Tower
image from architect

Height: 50 storeys 600 ft high

Site of the helicopter crash on 16 Jan 2013, around 8.43am

Helicopter hits crane on St George Wharf tower in fog, and cartwheeled before bursting into flames on Wandsworth Road.

Vauxhall helicopter crash leaves two dead including the pilot.

St Georges Wharf St Georges Wharf
photos © Nick Weall

Planning permission gained 2007

Vauxhall Tower – Building Proposal

Oct 2007

Vauxhall Tower

Background and Brief
The exceptional location of St George Wharf on London’s River Thames called for a landmark building to further enhance the new architectural landscape as the final phase of the development. The regeneration of the site and immediate area is already a demonstration project of practical delivery on a marginal site previously derelict for over 40 years. The Broadway Malyan proposal for a striking and elegant tower which will become Europe’s tallest residential building with the highest environmental credentials, was granted detailed planning consent in Spring 2005.

Design Response
Perimeter rooms in each of the apartments benefit from outstanding river views. The efficient circular form, provides a high ratio of external wall to enclosed space and exceptional net to gross ratio.

The structure aims to be the most environmentally responsible and sustainable tall building of its type, using a series of initiatives to enable just one third of the gas or electric energy of a comparable building to be used and to reduce CO2 emissions by between one half and two thirds.

Key aspects of the Vauxhall Tower design:

– 10 metre wind turbine at the top of the structure generates energy to power all common lighting.
– Water drawn from the London Aquifier and heat pump technology is used to heat and cool apartments.
– High-performance triple glazing is specified.
– Sustainable location with five transport modes, tube, main-line rail, bus, car/taxi and river transport
– 50 floors above ground, 180metres (590 feet) 200 apartments

Vauxhall Tower London

Client: St George (South London)
Location: Vauxhall, London SW8
Size: 180 metres high (590 feet)

Vauxhall Tower architects : Broadway Malyan

Location: Vauxhall, London, England, UK

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Vauxhall Tower

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St Georges Wharf Development, SW8 – incl. Vauxhall Tower
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St Georges Wharf
photo © Nick Weall
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