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Japanese Residential in Kobe – design by Tadashi Suga Architect

1 Apr 2009

Apartment Block Kobe

terrace g

Date built: 2004

Design: Tadashi Suga Architect Office

Apartment Block Kobe Apartments Kobe Apartment Building Kobe Kobe Apartment Block

The owner’s requirement is to build a small apartment house, for accommodating single persons on a small site having 99 square meters, located comparatively in the center of town.

The owner wanted me to put more importance on the design rather than the profitability.
However, even considering owner’s special interest, we must maintain the basic function in order to secure the least possible profit as well as the long life of the house.

In order to keep quality of the design with lower profitability due to the specialty of that area , we must make the modern design to be said one.

How to create the effective space on this site as small as 99 square meters?

For that purpose, I thought we would better demonstrate the characteristics of the direction and also the massiveness.

When opening the folded door, a half outside space appears and in order to make outside space located ahead of direction to reflect each other on glasses of both sides which floats in the midst of the room.

Kobe Apartment Building Kobe Apartments Kobe Apartment Block

By this idea, slit spaces of glasses put between a small bed room and small stairs looks successive and more than that inside of the room also appears slow succession of lines.
The wider stretched space than actual produces a little sense of uplift.

The owner and I felt somewhat excited with this man’s taste and with outside appearance. And yet, the tenants of this apartment house are strangely all women.

Kobe Apartment Block – Building Information

Title: terrace g
Architect/Designer: Tadashi Suga
Location: Kobe-city, Hyogo
Site area: 98.73 sqm
Total floor area: 54 sqm
Structure: RC(S in part)
Completion: Mar 2004
Photos: Yoshiharu Matsumura

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Tadashi Suga

Location:Kobe, Japan

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