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House in Onitori : Architecture

Contemporary Japanese House, Nara Prefecture Home – design by Kenji Tagashira Architects

18 Aug 2008

House in Onitori

Design: Kenji Tagashira Architects

House in Onitori House in Onitori House in Onitori House in Onitori

Located at an altitude of approximately 400 meters, the house in Onitori is nestled in the corner of an agricultural settlement on the eastern side of the Ikoma Mountain Range. Bordering Nara and Osaka Prefectures, the house has been constructed for a family of two.

Based on the requests of the client, a bright atmosphere has been brought to the house by opening up every room to the view of the surrounding scenery. Leaving enough space for a minimum of two parking spaces, the house has been built to blend into the surrounding environment. Space on the south side of the house has also been preserved for the future construction of a kiln to be used by the wife for creating pottery.

Onitori House Onitori House Onitori House Onitori House

After being introduced to the premise by the client for the first time, it was surprising to be surrounded by such a spectacular natural landscape a mere 30 minute drive from Osaka City. Retaining walls, made from aged Ikoma stone span from the foot of the hill to the peak, giving a dynamic impression to the house in the agricultural settlement.

The frontal facing road rising on a steep slope intersects in an orthogonal direction with the elongated configuration of the premise. On approach from the frontal facing road, a cobbled yard created from Ikoma sones that were originally spread around the plot of land, opens up with a parking space preserved to its side. Surrounding houses in the distant landscape are hidden from the approximate eleven meter perimeter surrounding the living room, dining room and kitchen. Physical planning came to further include Plum and Chesnutt trees to the south side of the house.

Onitori Home Onitori Home Onitori Home Onitori Home

Based on the connection and extension of the outside landscape, to each space, the tenants can become more familiar with the “Act of Living” and the “Sequence of the Natural Environment”. The ceilings and walls of both the inside and outside of the house have been coloured to match the stone walls surrounding the premise. Furthermore, a one storey design has been given to the house, to match the building with the surrounding environment.

Additionally, the approach to the building from the south passes from the outer entrance, to the central garden, and then continues to the inner entrance. The long slender floor running through the mid-section further connects to the garden in the southern section of the house. The rooms that can be seen from the central garden borrow from the outside scenery and add to the surrounding view.

Onitori Home

New Home in Onitori – Building Information

Architect: Kenji Tagashira
Structural Engineer: Satoru Sasada / VSC Structural Design Office
Contractor: Seiyu Kensetsu
Site Area: 518.39 m2
Building Area: 117.02 m2
Structure: Wood Structure

Office of Kenji Tagashira

House in Onitori Photographs: Kei Sugino

House in Onitori images / information from Office of Kenji Tagashira Aug 2008

Location: Osaka Prefecture, Japan

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