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House M, Hokkaido, Japan

House M Hokkaido: Asahikawa Architecture design by Jun Igarashi Architects

9 Jul 2011

House M in Hokkaido

Kamikawa Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan

Design: Jun Igarashi Architects Inc.

House M Hokkaido property Japan

Photographs : Sergio Pirrone

This is a house built in the central portion of the city in Hokkaido. The neighboring house approaches the next ground very limit borderline on the housing complex and the east side of seven stories, and there is a building of the tax office not used now in the west side in the south.

Hokkaido house, Kamikawa building

A multistory housing complex will be expected to be built to this tax office in the future. In such “State”, the design was advanced aiming to give a steady space to the person who lived. It spaces it though it is quiet and steady without blockading agreeable.

Hokkaido House, Asahikawa home

The house has been designed in the place named [orudosu] of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region before. As for it, a house big as for surroundings was scheduled to be built in the one of making big construction in the division that had been greatly sold in lots.

Graceful light-filled interior, bathed in white colour – elegant stairs:
House M Hokkaido property interior

In addition, I thought that I felt the severity in the ambient surrounding including the climatic condition, made the buffer zone, and found an internal space of a steady secret room. The state of this site started finding the necessity in this place feeling that there were a lot of common features with [orudosu], and succeeding to the idea.

House M Hokkaido House M Hokkaido House M Hokkaido House M Hokkaido
photographs : Sergio Pirrone

The necessity of making an open mouth on the wall to the outside is not felt when thinking, and it thinks about the state of a space near the secret room. The outside and it spaces it as well as [orudosu] only according to a top light the room with the high ceiling of relations. It is such a space where the sense of distance of person’s “Whereabouts” and “Empty” becomes a buffer zone.

House M Hokkaido House M Hokkaido
photographs : Sergio Pirrone

House M Hokkaido – Building Information

Site: Ashikawa, Hokkaido
Design: Jun Igarashi Architects
Client: couple
Project name: House M
Site: 267.76 sqm
Total floor: 185.04 sqm
Ground floor: 155.23 sqm
Second floor: 29.81 sqm
Maximum height: 8.95m
Structure: wooden
Construction: May 2009 – Nov 2009

Photographs: Sergio Pirrone – www.sergiopirrone.com

Asahikawa House images / information from Jun Igarashi Architects Inc.

Jun Igarashi Architects

Location: Asahikawa, Kamikawa Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan, East Asia

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