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Aron R&D Center : Hexagon Building in Japan

Toukai Chemical Manufacture : Aron Kesei – design by Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates

25 Oct 2012

Aron R&D Center

Design: Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates

Japanese Chemical Manufacture, Toukai, Japan

Primarily Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates aimed to create the Architectural Order like Cloud Computing. An architecture which can transform own spaces flexibly will apply to any requirement.

Aron R&D Center

Aron is a company manufacturing plastic goods, for example pipes for building facilities, objects for elders care, some materials for other products and so on. The actual name of the company is “Aron Kasei”. Kasei means chemical manufacturing in Japanese. This R&D center is expected to gather together various functions from their old Laboratories, and to provide a place to create new ideas and to heighten their innovativeness through facilitating brainstorms. The site is located along Nagoya Bay where Lots of huge Japanese industries have gathered.

Hexagon R&D Center Aron R&D Center Toukai Toukai R&D Center Aron R&D Center Japan

Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates designed any part of this architecture for specified purpose not for any use. Today people desire real space on the Architectures against virtual network. Each part of this architecture is connected one another through Hexagonal Towers under simple structural order, like networks on the internet or synapses of the brain. This structure makes it possible to transform and extend spaces as its purpose when needed. Under this concept the spaces will modify themselves to be fit to the real aims but people never change their purposes to fit the fixed spaces. Space is organic.

Toukai Center Aron Toukai Aron Center Aron Kesei

Aron R&D center has 27 hexagonal towers which support each triangle space and take exterior environments into the interior. Each tower has the path of daylight and ventilation, and the green planter. The purpose is creating specific and stimulus spaces, producing facilities unified with architecture, making people active and saving the energy. We aimed to create a kind of integrated architectural organization.

Aron R&D Center Aron Nagoya Bay Aron Japan Aron R&D Center Shinpou

Using natural energy enabled the equipment system to make indoor environment comfortable and save energy.
The semi-passive solar system consists of double insulating thin panels as the roof and ceiling.
The radiant air conditioning floor system using the triangle concrete panels as the heat reservoirs.
The cooling system of thermal storage stone wall.
Use of rainwater gathered by the green planters through Aron’ plastic pipes.
The Green court and Towers plants cooling down surrounding air and making comfortable flows.
These systems make the best use of natural energy and each equipment can responds flexibly with the seasons.

Aron Manufacturing Aron R&D Centre Japan Aron R&D Centre

Aron R&D Center – Building Information

Practice: Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates
Location: Shinpou, Toukai city, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Site area: 22523.21m²
Building area: 6346.53m²
Total floor area: 7039.15m²
Date of completion: Aug 2011

Hexagon Aron R&D Center images / information from Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates

Location: Tokai, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, East Asia

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